Monday, June 16, 2008

How they do it.

Creeping socialism is a term that has become associated, in the drive by media, with kooks.
That is, if you use the term.
Let's examine the concept shall we?
First they regulate business out of existence in your community. Then they decry the lack of jobs and dilapidated state of your city. They will form committees to stop the usurpation of your scenic areas and historic locales (Which just happen to be everywhere) . Citizens will not be allowed to make repairs over a certain miniscule level on their own dwellings without seeking approval from their own local central committee (codes enforcement and their city councilman).
This is a concession to developers who want to squeeze john q. public into having to hire a contractor to get through the maze of regulations.
Then they will tell you they can save you if you give them more control over the "evil capitalists". They will bring jobs by appointing and annointing a redeveloper whom they just know has the PLAN that will save our city. He will be annointed to recieve taxpayer money( which will be called "Government money") to spend at his liesure on special projects which will be agreed upon by the editors of the news outlets and the local social dinner circuit.
The people of the local social dinner circuit and the editors of local media shall be hereinafter referred to as the Central Committee.
The black holes of economic influence they cultivate are dilapidated old government buildings.
Places like South High School, Flenniken Elementary and Anderson Elementary, that are a drain on mantinence funds and, could be sold and the money put into the school building fund.
The Old Sears Building on Central is a good example of a boondoggle. How expensive is it to heat that thing?
When they tore down my alma mater (Young High School) and sold it off, I applauded the move as a needed shot in the arm to the economy of South Knoxville. It has been the hub of growth in our community. Without it there would have never been a development out at John Sevier Highway.
When are the people of Knoxville going to wake up and realise that they are being taken for another ride on the scale of the C&C Bank/United American Bank, and Whittle Communications?
Not to mention that boondoggle at Five Points.
When are our city fathers going to stop falling for the next "Big Idea"?
Anybody want to buy a red iguana?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Honor killing in America

The initial arguments made for legalizing abortion in America were based mostly on cowardice.
The fear that your daughter would become a known "slut" because she had a baby out of wedlock. This is what happens in a society that has closed itself off from discussion of sex. The socialists can use this ignorance to promote their agenda. It is pure cowardice to tell your girlfriend or daughter or wife to have an abortion. The leftists decry "Honor Killings" elsewhere, then promote them through abortion here.

It was an opening to promote promiscuity in the masses. If you could obtain a quick cheap abortion you were more likely to be able to wreak havoc on the family structure of the target nation.

It amount's to the abuse of women. First you talk a young woman into having sex out of wedlock. Then when she gets pregnant you just walk away and tell her to kill the baby. But, they don't call it killing the baby. They call it a nice clinical name like "terminating the pregnancy". Sounds just so unemotional doesn't it?

I hope the supporters of Hillary Clinton come to realise that the democrat party has been abusing women since the dawn of the "sexual revolution". They used you for a vote and then they told you to ditch your babies and your families. Now they want you to take it on the chin for the party.

Will you continue to take this abuse? Will your husbands and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers allow this abuse to continue? Stand up like women and men and say "no more"!

Stop slinking away like cowards whom have witnessed the rape of a child.

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