Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Palin Pick

John McCain has done it. In one fell swoop he has made it clear that he will take the fight to the democrats. He has demonstrated that he is not afraid of strong women. Not only did he marry one, he nominated one.

The Obama campaign was so surprised that they had to come back to the microphone after their initial salvo of disdain to even recognize the historic nature of the appointment. It is instructive to note that they were so maddened by the choice that it has taken over the conversation just one day after Obama's supposed "speech of a lifetime".

It is clear that it concerns the democrats greatly. Remember the old saying: "methinks thou dost protesteth too much". Their wild disputation in the blogisphere makes this obvious.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The aftermath of the DNC convention

First I will make a prediction. Hillary Clinton will not be re-elected to the senate. She is damaged goods now. With millions in campaign debt she will be weakened and the others in New York will know it. They will smell blood in the water. Think Rudy Giulliani. If she faces too tough a run in that contest it may well finish her off. Somebody tell Rudy that it would keep him in the public eye to be the Senator from New York. We could use a Republican senator from there for a change.

Secondly I will make a prediction that Barak Obama will lose on the scale of Dukakis or McGovern. The Presidency of the United States isn't an affirmative action hire. You need real experience, and the new has worn off the latest (JFK substitute) boy toy of the left. It's really been a study of psychological profundity watching the democrat party pick John F. Kerry over John Edwards. And before that it was Al Gore who looked the part. Now in it's last hurrah they have picked a Black Kennedy. The way he stands and moves is profoundly Kennedy. I think he even copies the cut of JFK's lapels. The move to go to the Brandenberg Gate. It's all scripted to be a return to a blurred image of a Camelot dreamed of and not ever fulfilled. It is playing with Barbies on a grand scale.
Happily ever after just doesn't ever work in real life. At least not in politics.

There is a new wind blowing in American politics. It is the wind of conservatism in renewed strength. It is the wind of a liberalism that is self defeating. The old liberal guard is dying off and they forgot to parent a new generation because they were too busy with their "Lifestyles" to want children and had abortions to keep those lifestyles.
The second wave of the baby boom (the echo generation) was smaller and populated mostly with the children of conservatives. They are now becoming a larger influence than anyone anticipated.
Rush Babies abound. (Al)Franken Babies don't exist. It even sounds bad.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Obamarxist

This is my new truck sticker. I made it myself.
What do you think? Think Linda Blair....
Click the image to enlarge.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Warning signs

The outright execution of a Democrat party Chairman and previously the shootings at the Unitarian church are symptoms......and warnings of things to come.

If you combine this with the low voter turnout here in Knox County you might come to understand that people just don't believe their votes count because of underlying corruption in BOTH parties.

These are warning signs that an armed revolution may be on the horizon in the United States.

I believe this to be the case. When our elected officials begin to use the police power of the state to enforce their personal esthetic considerations and also take away healthcare options to further a political agenda of nationalised healthcare it becomes a personaly desperate position for the middle class.

The Knox county Commission and Knoxville City Council should take heed.
There was no need for Remote Area Medical here until the state took away the option for people to be seen at the County Health Department for a fee.

They have told the middle class to pay the tab and starve.
Can you say "let them eat cake"?

Then they add insult to injury and tell us we can't work on our OWN vehicles in our OWN driveways or park our cars in our OWN yards. Why the hell do you buy a home!
Can you say "fomenting revolution"?
Can you say "petulant elitists"?

The question has been asked..." do liberals need to fear conservatives?"
I think we all know that the answer is a resounding YES!
Unless you stop this elitist use of government police force.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't fall for it.

Georgia stepped in it and wants U-n-Me to bail them out.
What is it with these little tin pot morons that makes them think we will bail them out just because we smiled at them. It's like trying to get away from the fat chick at the bar that you didn't want to be mean to but now she won't go away.
What is it about little guys that makes them take a swing at the big guy and then run behind another big guy for help.
Does Georgia translate into "land of stupid rednecks" worldwide?

I think I seriously depart from most conservative commentators when I say this.
If somebody in south Ossetia doesn't want to be in Georgia, and that seemed to be the majority, then why would the United States help Georgia bully them into staying? Especially when there were already Russian "peacekeepers" there.
It's like watching Billybob poke a stick into a hornets nest to "stir em up".
Vladimir Putin was bound by nationalistic pride and honor to slap the crap out of Saakashvilli.

This crap about pipelines is absurd and the worldwide oil price reflects that sentiment with a resounding yawn.

This has served to help us with Polish acceptance of a Missile Shield and made the leadership of Ukraine talk of stopping Russian access to ports. It will surely make the rest of Europe look at the Russians with a renewed sense of dread.

I think that Vladimir Putin would make a lousy chess player. This was not a move he needed to make. And it will strengthen the board position of his opponent by leaps and bounds. Putin has taken a pawn and lost a rook and bishop in the process.

Vladimir Putin knows what happens to leaders of economic collapse.
This move reflects the precarious position of the Russian economy with stark relief.
Don't forget they are still selling seats on Soyuz to rich tourists.
Perhaps Mr. Putin would be wise to put his nations oil revenues into civillian infrastructure instead of aircraft and tanks and warships.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Attention : Knoxville Auto Dealers

Knoxville Auto Dealers, RV dealers, and Boat dealers.

It has come to my attention that there is a move afoot in city council to stop people from parking in their front yard.
This is on top of a new regulation limiting driveway length and another limiting garage size. These restrictions on personal property rights will affect your business. Think about it. The three combined are a stealth way of limiting vehicle ownership by the green brigade. If you limit how many vehicles may be parked, you have curtailed SALES.

If you don't have a place to park it you won't buy it.

These things are being done in the guise of "law enforcement". It is also an attempt to demand adherence to a twisted sense of esthetics via law enforcement. When are we going to see the fashion police? Are we going to be consulting Paris Hilton about driveway design standards?
Do our city fathers think it's a good idea to waste law enforcement resources telling people they can't work on their own car in their own driveway?

There is also a move to narrow Broadway to two lanes through the "mission district". This is a way of restricting traffic flow to encourage use of public transportation, thus further lowering your sales.

These and other actions are being supported by the Knoxville News Sentinel and Councilman Joe Hultquist among others. Joe is the responsible party in lowering how much remodeling you can do on your own home without a permit. At one time it was $1500.00. through two stages Joe baby has lowered it to $100.00. What about inflation Joe? This is a way for Joe to force you to hire his contracting firm.

They are the same people that are trying to stop the south Knoxville parkway project. (The road to nowhere that has been a dead end since the first part of the project was finished 15? years ago.)
We need to form an association to stop the erosion of our rights and this attack on american business.....

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.