Saturday, February 26, 2011

The self defeating philosophy of the left

The decline of the unions began with the advent of the welfare state. It took all of the people who were lazy enough to want to be part of a mob and made them so lazy that they wouldn't even show up to work. Thus the impetus for Union formation was no longer present. It takes a lazy man to want to ride the back of another. But if you can coerce them into not working at all they will sit on their ass and collect a check if they can.
FDR was the "friend" of the union man so much he didn't see the consequences of his largess. This was later reinforced by LBJ and the Great Society which not only rang the death knell of the Liberal Union but the Liberal Family to boot.

Add to this the abortion factor and the left is becoming so far gone that they couldn't be brought back from the brink of extinction by an epiphany. Their malaise is so deep that they will sit on their collective butts and wither away without ever leaving heirs to their ideals. It would crimp their lifestyles to have children. They see children as a burden and a punishment.

They thought they would do it with the schools, but we are taking those back from them. Witness the Wisconsin Taxpayer Rebellion. They have elected a Republican majority in a northern liberal state that was the first to have a public employee union. The unionist leftists are dying off too fast now for any real comeback. It is something to behold. Watching history in motion and knowing what will happen in advance. All that is needed is a little common sense. When you couple the lifestyles of these party hardy liberals with their propensity for birth control and abortion, it becomes obvious to any but the most blind observer. Within 4 years there will be almost no appreciable resistance left.

Let us hope that we pick a President this time that can lead us into the conservatism we need to vanquish the injuries they did to our culture. Let this be the new era of American Exceptionalism.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Collective Bargaining or Mob Coersion?

It shouldn't be called collective bargaining. It's really Mob Coersion.
They make you an offer you can't refuse.
The unions should be broken up like the old monopolies were like Standard Oil and ITT.
The AFL-CIO-CLC and Teamsters and SEIU are monopolies just like those were.

The UAW has a strike fund of nearly a billion dollars and they won't put it toward the bailout of GM but they took the rights of the bondholders away and gave them to the unions. This is nothing but blatant extortion. That strike fund should be confiscated and given to the bondholders for what was taken from them.

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An inconvenient debt.