Friday, January 22, 2010

A Banner week!

As I sit here on thursday night i feel very satisfied that the victories are piling up.

First Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts.

Then the Supreme Court strikes down McCain-Feingold and campaign finance laws. Restoring the first amendment to most of it's power.

Now the news that Air America, the leftist propagandist thug of the radio world, has decided to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and go into liquidation.

It's going to be a great weekend!
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coakley Concedes!

There will be no reason for a recount or certification fight. Brown was winning by 120,000 votes at 11:30 pm est.
Martha Coakley conceded. this is the beginning of the end of the Obama administration.
Will Obama have the decency to resign?

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Massachusetts Special Election results

Nearly a month ago I started sounding the campaign horn across the internet. I was sounding it for Scott Brown. From my little one bedroom home in Knoxville I already knew that there was an untapped potential for an extreme upset there.
People, denied a voice long enough, will rush to speak when they see a chance to do so with effectiveness. Massachusetts is such a place. The "nattering naybobs of negativity", to quote Spiro T. Agnew, have ruled there for long enough.
The Kennedy dynasty is truly dying tonight.
Or maybe not. If the Democrat machine tries to fix the election, by intimidation at the polls, there may be violence from the pent up conservatives who have been denied a voice for so long.
I predicted that there would be an expression of frustration by those denied a voice.
It's happening in Iran. And now it's happening in Massachusetts.
People will pursue the peaceful way until they are forced to use other means by the dictators of the left.

It is now 15 minutes until the close of the polls in Massachusetts. I am listening to the Tennessee vs. Alabama basketball game in the background. It hasn't been interrupted by any news flashes yet. So there hasn't been any violence of any magnitude. Halftime. Time to check the news. I will report after the game on anything of signifigance.
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Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.