Friday, July 31, 2009

Iran: The fall of the Mullahs

This may seem to be a bit early for some of you to agree with. The reign of Ahmadenijahd and Mullahs is about to end in Iran. The Persians have had enough of the tyrants that rule with an iron fist. They will declare an end to Burkhas and demeaning treatment of women. They will adopt more western ways as time goes by.
The Bush Dividend is going to become very apparent.
It's going to vindicate G.W. Bush in an unmistakable way.
I can't wait to debate the neolibtards who will deny it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Atlanta shows the way to end Projects.

I had no idea that someone beat me to the idea of demolishing all the housing projects to eliminate the critical mass of poverty they present.

Bravo for Atlanta!
Maybe Flint will follow your example.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Smokescreen Factory.

First it's his buddy at Cambridge giving him a distraction that he flubs to the point of being pwned. Now they are trying to dredge something up about a Bush consideration of using troops to quell riots in Buffalo. In 2002. They are trying to distract from the huge loss that Obama is taking on the "Health Care" bill. Like I said before, it's not about your health. It's about Obama's power.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Healthcare Debate

Since the days of the New Deal the socialists in this country have been setting us up for this control mechanism.
Making insurance companies take on ever more burdensome coverages that they wouldn't think of doing for any other insurance type has allowed them to demogouge rising premiums as a form of usury. They have allowed Illegal Immigration to burgeon as a way of burdening hospitals to the brink of collapse. They stretch all of our governmental services with techniques to create ever more alarmist tones of doom and gloom about our system.
This is being promoted by those who would become an elitist control class.
Universal Health Care is the ultimate form of blackmail. Need an operation? Oops, sorry, but you supported the conservative candidate. You get nothing. A permanent way to subjugate everyone.
This is madness.
The way they destroyed the Vaccine industry in this country should act as a warning. We used to make all of our vaccines here in this country. But we now only make 20%. This is a security risk.
This is simply unworkable.
If you really wanted to fix the system, you'd let insurers create catastrophic care only insurance policies, that would keep people from going bankrupt.
You don't insure your car against a flat tire, or an oil change.
Why would you insure for vaccines and yearly checkups?
It's an odious system caused by cretins pandering to get votes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite

When I was a child I watched Cronkite and thought the world of him. It was a bad mistake. He was feeding me a line of propaganda that I still am unraveling. The very idea that I should trust the word of a single man is now totally repugnant to me. It really hit home when he was here in Knoxville trying to sell our city a bill of goods on a redevelopment of the Worlds Fair Site.
As the son of a former president of the Greater Knoxville Home Buildors Association, I recognized the con job for what it was. An attempt to "take the rubes" for what they could get from us. It was like watching Jake and C.H.Butcher running their con game again.
I'll never get any respect for Cronkite back at all.
I hope you never do either.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One liners

The first time somebody said something to me about Harry Potter I thought they were talking about my ass. "Hey that's a Harry Potter"!

Elvis is thought to haunt trailer parks.....Michael Jackson will be seen in Chuck E Cheeze.........

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Obama / Medvedev summit / arms deal

The recent attempt by Barak Obama and Dimitry Medvedev to achieve further reductions in strategic arms is very admirable.
There is one way to get the Russians to accept the shield.
I will probably make you think I'm crazy.

There. I've said it. If the Cold War is really over, Mr. Medvedev and Mr. Obama, then do this.
It'll be like tearing down another Berlin wall.

The Palin Resignation.

I've been a bit busy so I'll keep this short.
It was a good move. An old football ploy used to be the quick kick. I think it's still legal, but that doesn't matter. What matters is the idea. drop back five and punt is what they would expect at the end of a term. But if you keep them guessing what you'll try next, they'll be looking for so many things, that they can't properly defend against anything specific.

It's a great move by Palin.
She can work on a book, stop the monetary hemmorhaging, and campaign for anything she wants. With her star power and charisma, she can be the counterbalance against Albore.
That may be what she's aiming for.

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.