Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite

When I was a child I watched Cronkite and thought the world of him. It was a bad mistake. He was feeding me a line of propaganda that I still am unraveling. The very idea that I should trust the word of a single man is now totally repugnant to me. It really hit home when he was here in Knoxville trying to sell our city a bill of goods on a redevelopment of the Worlds Fair Site.
As the son of a former president of the Greater Knoxville Home Buildors Association, I recognized the con job for what it was. An attempt to "take the rubes" for what they could get from us. It was like watching Jake and C.H.Butcher running their con game again.
I'll never get any respect for Cronkite back at all.
I hope you never do either.

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