Monday, July 12, 2010

Green Energy Future hits a snag.

According to Price Waterhouse, the company that Barak Obama fueled with a half billion dollar grant back in May is going under. Obama's vaunted "green energy future" program is going down in flames.:
It turns out that "one of Solyndra's biggest stakeholders is Argonaut Ventures I. Its majority owner is Oklahoma oil billionaire George Kaiser, who was a "bundler"of campaign funds for the Obama-Biden campaign"

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Should I run for office?

My platform would be this:

Here is the tax proposal:

And now to balance the budget:

We enact an import tax on foreign oil. That, coupled with the complete removal of any income tax and any payroll deduction under the Fair Tax, the budget will balance. Removing investment penalties will bring an estimated $7,000,000,000,000 (thats trillion) in offshore accounts home to what will become the largest tax haven in the world. The level of economic activity that will stimulate will dwarf anything that this puny socialist moron Obummer can concieve.

The Import Oil Tax will have the effect of reducing our balance of trade deficit and fund a National Rural Energy Independence Project that will completely remove the rural areas from the power grid. What we do is create mini power grids where you use the small farmers subsidy programs to build solar farms and wean them off subsidy by having them sell a new cash crop-energy-! This will save the family farm and decentralize the national power grid making America more secure.

This will eliminate line losses from the grid and make much of the power generation capacity of the US obsolete. Then you shut down all of the oil fired plants, and much of the coal fired ones to boot

The Import Oil Tax will have the added effect of making domestc wells more proffitable thus lowering the world oil demand / price outside the US. This will drive an economic recovery worldwide. It will also lower the price of oil outside of the US, effectively burrying the tax in lower prices. Which will have the effect of eating any economic damage it might have had on the US economy.

This will do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than any cap and trade proposal on the books.

The worldwide economic recovery will produce a boom for American manufacturing. Producing jobs.

I will also propose that all federally subsidized housing meet stringent standards for energy efficiency of a certain BTU per square floor foot . Without meeting that standard any subsidy will be cut off. This will make landlords give a damn about how much they are costing the taxpayer.

This will have a multiple effect of saving the taxpayer money for power subsidies and stimulate the construction industry. Without spending a dime of taxpayer money to do it.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Great Evolution Misconception.

I am going to point out the great fallacy in the debate of evolution. The idea that one species evolves into another one. This is false. Evolution states no such thing. Evolution classes branches of development within a species.

You begin with a group of separate unicellular creatures which each evolve to become multicellular. Each becomes a separate species at that moment. These species evolve along separate paths. Many become many separate species of plants and many become many separate species of animals. The apes branched out from a singular species just as a human genealogical tree branches out. Chimpanzees evolved ALONGSIDE humans, they did not BECOME humans. The evolutionary split came many millions of years ago. We went one way and they went another. The idea that humans came from apes is a complete misunderstanding of the process.

I hope that clears that up for those of you who think evolution claims that humans evolved from apes. IT DOESN"T!!!! It claims that early humans were APELIKE!!!
Even scientists get this so wrong it makes my brain itch.


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