Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Human telepathy coming soon

To a mall near you.
The advent of the 802.11n card for wireless communication from your laptop gave me pause for thought one day.
I was listening to Rush Limbaugh describe his coclear implant (without it he's quite deaf) and it hit me. We have the ability to create neuronic interfaces with computer chips and very small communication devices that are capable of carrying audio and video in a streaming format for hundreds of yards. We have software capable of voice recognition. We have software capable of translation between languages. This will be where we will create for ourselves the dream of telepathic communication. I predict that the first crude telepathic devices will hit the market within 10 years of my posting this blog.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My own conspiracy theory........./

Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan are the new leaders of the Bilderburgers and the Illuminati.
They have exhumed the body of Martin Luther King jr.and taken it to the Great Wagonwheel Mothership.
They are performing the Halliburton/Simonize reanimation technique perfected by Disney and Steven Spielburg.
When they have reanimated King, they will come for the body of James Brown.
The true leader of the soulmasters from outer space.
He will call down the return of Elijah Mohammed for the final construction of the Boogaloo Tower of Power.

The reason we are at war.

The neolibtards are not going to admit this. But they are the reason we are at war.
If you believe this is a war for oil.

The conservationists (read socialists) have been conspiring for decades to stop the US from developing our own sources of energy.
They have stopped drilling from occuring off the coasts of Florida and California and in the ANWR. They have stopped development of nuclear power plants completely in the US.
Their lawsuits have made Coal mining and use almost unfeasable.
They have stopped the construction of ANY refineries in the US for 20 years.

Then they decry a war for oil?

Get a clue.
Stop listening to these bastards.
They will destroy America.


Jamie Gorelic created the wall of separation that kept the Able - Danger information out of the FBI's hands. Then the democrats put her on the 9/11 investigating commitee to cover it up. Then Sandy Berger stole the documents from the national archives in his socks and down his pants.


Neolibtards always scream "War Is Not The Answer" until some socialist geurilla like Che Gueverra shows up. Then they wiggle their asses like little puppies and ask "how many capitalists can we kill for you"?It's never ok to kill a Socialist or Islamofascist. But you have an open season on capitalists. It's the Neolibtard Nazicrat way!


First you have to realise that most Neolibtards don't have a clue about the reality of being part of the civilised world. This means that most of the rest of the world is backward from your level of development.

When some Muslim cleric compares a woman without a veil to uncovered meat, it reminds me of the idea that a woman is "seen and not heard" from America's RECENT past. The idea that was promulgated by southern democrats that women that wore makeup and short skirts were" just asking to be raped". You know, rednecks, backward uneducated rednecks. That's what these people are.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait he was trying to gain enough economic might to build his own nuclear arsenal. He was another Hitler in the making. If the europeans had stopped Hitler after his first little invasion there would have been no WWII. We did just that with Saddam Hussein.

When Hussein begged to be left in power at the end of the first gulf war he signed a treaty.When he abrogated that treaty(after years of no fly zone violations and other bravado) we removed him from power. This was our RIGHT! If a nation doesn't enforce it's peace treaties it becomes the paper tiger that so many think that america is, and was under Bill Clinton.

When the second Gulf war started the Neolibtards said that American forces would suffer 20,000 dead in the first stages of the war. That the Iraqi soldiers were tougher than us. That we couldn't win. And they talked about America killing "innocent civillians"(which I will address later) Then, after we marched right through the ghost of the Iraqi army, they said that the fighting to take Baghdad would be so intense, that we would have no chance of taking the city. After we did that, they said we would never establish a stable interim government. After we did that, they said we would never get anybody to vote. After we got 85% participation in the initial vote, they said we could never get the Sunni's to the table. After we did that, they said we would never get an interim constitution. When we did that, they said we would never get a second vote.Well we did that too.

Now just before the midterm congressional elections the Al-Quaida have started another offensive in the "Holy Month" of Ramadan. The religion of Peace. Yeah right. The Democrats and Neolibtards are saying that it's a sign that we aren't succeding. I say it's a sign that we ARE succeding. Otherwise the Al-Quaida and Iranian government wouldn't bother to try to influence our elections. Not to mention the North Koreans Nuclear tests.

Well now they want to carp about "Innocent civillians" getting killed. I say that they aren't innocent when they give aid and comfort to thug dictators and throat slitting extremist groups that behead journalists and relief workers.

Then they complain about how the war is taking longer than WWII. What do they want? Fewer civillian casualties? Or, do they want us to nuke two cities like Japan ? Or, maybe firebomb the populace into submission like we did to the Germans?These things take time. But an instant gratification oriented Neolibtard doesn't understand the meaning of the word PATIENCE!


I have been really perturbed by the lies about energy savings from engine efficiencies lately.There are better ways to save energy. The Neolibtard press, Democrat and Republican legislators won't tell you anything about them. I will.The best way to save energy in this country is by regulating LANDLORDS!Landlords have no incentive to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stocks because they don't pay the utility bills! Thus my proposal would be to create a package of incentives to landlords through tax breaks and subsidies to remodel older housing stocks (the RIGHT WAY)to install insulation and eliminate old lath and plaster walls by replacing them with sheetrock.The wiring needs replaced in most of these houses too. Not to mention installation of central heat and air systems.Then, we institute a system of fines and confiscation or demolition, to enforce energy efficiency, as measured by the BTU usage per square floor foot of living space. There would different efficiency levels for ranchers than two story houses etc.The politicians won't tell you about something like this because they are too busy keeping welfare recipients in these substandard subsidised tenements for their contributor base landlords. Ask your landlord if he's a republican or democrat. You will find that most landlords that accept subsidies are democrats. And they are heavy contributors to the democrats that keep their pockets lined with housing subsidies.That's why you won't see this in the mainstream media or hear it from your congressman.You can fight by also getting rid of your incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with the new screw in flourescent bulbs. They have become much better than they once were for light output. If the manufacturers would just stop trying to lie about which bulbs really put out the equivalent light, more people would buy them. RULE OF THUMB for picking a flourescent replacement bulb: Use a bulb that would be assigned a 75 watt replacement value for the 60 watt bulb you are replacing and you will get the same light output. Just go up a step from the manufacturers lie about output level comparison.Really hard to figure out huh?


People have to take responsibility for their own actions. If you don't make yourself marketable you won't make a sale....What that means is you have to be presentable and personable when you apply for a job.Would you buy a house from the person you see in the mirror? A cd maybe but not a house? Then get to work and make yourself more mature and capable of seeing that side of yourself. Change the way you dress.Change the way you talk. Make yourself someone you could trust to make those biggest decisions of your life. If you don't have an education you have no base from which to judge how to make any decision. With the proper education you can make those decisions easily. First you need the basics from conventional school. Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Then you need a financial education. This is something most schools don't offer at the middle school or high school level. It must usually be obtained by your own devices. The best place to start is the Wall Street Journal, or Bloomberg online. In them you will find most of the resources you need to plan your financial future. Then get information about how to buy and finance your own house. You will never regret it. Most of all, you will never save enough money to be financially independent if you have no patience. Spending the first five years of your life after high school to establish a stable financial base is the best use of those years. The road of partiers is the road to no money. Keep away from the booze, cigs and drugs. These eat your money and leave you broke. My parents generation used to call bars "clip joints", because they could trim your wallet. That's all for now. Enjoy life but don't blow it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Libs are dying off because they don't want children.
They use birth control so they don't get pregnant and when the pill fails they get an abortion.
Liberals engage in risky sexual behavior that encourages the spread of lethal STD's. To top it off they do drugs and drink like fish all of which combine to kill off the current generation.

Not to mention most lib women are too busy screaming "I'm a woman not a womb"!

The result is a dwindling liberal population without a replacement generation being born.
Then they wonder why they are losing elections. : http://www.guttmacher.org/tables/3500603t.html Read it and weep.If you can actually make anything out of statistics with your libtard minds then notice that the Abortion rates are highest in the urban areas and the northeast and far west. All neolibtard nazicrat strongholds.

NEW EVIDENCE to support my claim : http://www.opinionjournal.com/editorial/feature.html?id=110008831

Seems this Opinion Journal link is dead so I'll add a new link to the same information.:

And this one:

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.