Thursday, January 25, 2007


Libs are dying off because they don't want children.
They use birth control so they don't get pregnant and when the pill fails they get an abortion.
Liberals engage in risky sexual behavior that encourages the spread of lethal STD's. To top it off they do drugs and drink like fish all of which combine to kill off the current generation.

Not to mention most lib women are too busy screaming "I'm a woman not a womb"!

The result is a dwindling liberal population without a replacement generation being born.
Then they wonder why they are losing elections. : Read it and weep.If you can actually make anything out of statistics with your libtard minds then notice that the Abortion rates are highest in the urban areas and the northeast and far west. All neolibtard nazicrat strongholds.

NEW EVIDENCE to support my claim :

Seems this Opinion Journal link is dead so I'll add a new link to the same information.:

And this one:

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