Friday, June 29, 2012

Chief Justice Roberts in Liliput.

I was stunned by the Supreme court ruling like everybody else.
But then I read it.

Chief Justice John Roberts is no less a genius than the founders in his ruling and opinion.

First he made plain the restrictions on the commerce  clause.
Then he made plain the limits of the Necessary and proper clause.
He did this with the mindful intent of creating stare decisis in this case and referring to previous case law.
And he used the liberal members of the court to do it, tying their hands in future cases, as surely as if he'd become a hypnotist.

Chief Justice Roberts has also made it plain, that a new case may be brought in the future, when the tax takes effect. This is the open door he left himself to return to the law, should congress fail to act.

Chief Justice Roberts has also taken a slap at President Obama saying that, in the Opinion of the Court, the law is deeply flawed. Now you have to run on it.
I and he remember the slap Obama took at the Court in the State of the Union Adress. This is his redress of that greivance.

He has also taken a swing at all of the people who have decried an activist court. Saying that he finds the law constitutional mindful of the intent of congress' majority in passing the law.
This reminds me of all of the outcry after the Kelo decision, the use of the Court in the campaign finance Law by Republicans and Democrats to passs an unconstitutional law that the court was INTENDED to knock down so the congress and President Bush could hide behind the Court for political expedience.
It reminds me of the outcry after this most recent decision over the Arizona immigration law.

First you want the court to refrain and then you want the court to intervene and you then use them for political expedience.

Chief Justice Roberts has slapped you in the face for this and made the liberals and conservatives on the court look like a bunch of Liliputians.
 Especially the liberals. He got you to sign this opinion.

I'm sure he's somewhere having a good laugh at the pundits expense.

I know I am........

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