Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A wild hair theory.

I have been reading through some half baked threads on some internet forums. They are theorizing on the beginnings of the universe.

I asked one guy about the "universal constant" that Einstein used in his original Special Theory, because he assumed a static universe. The guy didn't know what the hell I was talking about. It seems it has been renamed the "Cosmological Constant" since I was in High School in the seventies. They don't even teach it any more.

But I digress.

My theory has to do with the theory of the big bang and the singularity. the successive discovery of the red shift that eliminated the cosmologiacl constant and the new discovery of possible accelerated expansion that may revive the theory of a cosmological constant and the even more recent discovery of a region of space ( by Australian astronomers) that seems to be emitting electrons that are moving at the wrong red shift.

What if there were multiple big bangs. We are in the epicenter of one. The odd emmissions are coming from another. They would be arranged like a cubic gridwork, with bang points at the cross hairs, or possibly like beads on a string?
That's all I wanted to point out. It's possible.

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