Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boycott of liberal media coming

The targets of the coming media boycott will be the advertisers on the following shows.:

Meet the Press
60 Minutes
This Week
The Early Show
Good Morning America
Campbell Brown
The View
Face the Nation
The CBS Evening News
ABC news
NBC news
This is just off the top of my head, so there will be additions.

The following newspapers:
The New York Times
The LA Times
The Chicago Tribune
The Miami Herald

The following Magazines:

Specific advertisers:
Archer Daniels Midland

These people are on the ropes. We have the ability to apply the knockout punch. Let's Roll!

I will add specific advertisers in the coming days.
We will make these propagandists pay for ruining our country.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Confluence of Serendipity

The recent loss by the Republican party was caused by a range of factors brought about by serendipity.
John McCain was seen by the base of the conservative movement as a hold your nose candidate.
Barak Obama was seen as the culmination of decades of struggle by blacks in America, causing them to turn out in record numbers while conservative whites stayed home or voted for the "none of the above" choice.
The Hatred of the media for George W. Bush proped up The Obamamessiah as it did John Kerry and Algore, however that wasn't enough even so.
It took the advent of the financial crisis as the "October Suprise" that pushed all these factors into a win for Obama. Without this, there is another GW vs. Algore close election.

This will be followed by the realization of reality setting in. Obama will not be able to come through with the "Wondrous Future" that his supporters believe in with their magical thinking.
There will be an effect like the Knox County elections recently.
Throw the bums out works the first time, but apathy returns to those that rarely vote.
And if they sense that what they did doesn't matter, they may never return to the polls.

There will be a lasting benefit to this election for the conservative movement. It will be the begining of realization by black Americans that big daddy government will only maintain you in poverty, not help you achieve prosperity.
This will be our opening.........if we realize that blacks aren't an alien life form, but Americans with dreams just like our own.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All's Fair In Love and War

The reality of life is: If you ain't breathin, you don't have a sense of morals to espouse.
The rules of war:
1. Kill your enemies
2. Destroy your enemies resources if you can't capture them for your own use.
3. Demoralize and confuse your enemies with propaganda.
4. Scare your enemies into surrender. Make them fear death at your hands more than living under your rule.

If you don't breed, you don't have anybody to pass your morals to.
Your sense of duty and honor, your political beliefs, your philosophy of life are passed down through your children. Getting to the point where you can ensure a reasonable expectation of the success of your offspring is the goal of family life. It is also the goal of war.

Life is a war with small respites of peace. Take prisoners if you can make them earn their continued existence in your life. Charity is a propaganda tool. Mercy is another. Ruthlessness may be the most important and misused of them all.
Discretion is the better part of Valor. Many people do not know what the hell that means and do not care. They are the ones that usually meet with early success only to fail later because they have abused the trust of all around them.

Love is for your Wife and Children. Objects are property, never to be cherished. A status symbol should be nothing more than that. NEVER get attached to an object (whether it be your home, car, business, or other posession) that can be sold as a strategic investment.
The freedom and security of you and your family is the most important thing.

Life is like a giant rat race.
Anybody that tells you any different is playing the game already, and trying to tell you the starting gun hasn't gone off yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slavery Reparations

Blacks in America are always telling me about Egypt. They proudly point out that Egypt was a great civilization 1500 years before Pythagoras.
Well I have started to point out that Egypt was built on the back of Slave labor.
Africans taught the white man how to use slave labor. Indeed they taught the whole world.
If I owe reparations to them, then they owe reparations to the Jews that they enslaved to build Egypt.
Slavery has been abolished as a practice by every western civilization on the planet, but is still openly practiced in Africa.
People who live in glass houses............

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Weaver Plan

It's time to tell everyone what I think will work to end dependence on foreign oil and end the financial crisis in America.
We have the opportunity to advance solar energy use and cut emissions while saving homeowners from default by refinancing their homes and financing electric cars and solar roof panels at the same time.
The idea is to make government guaranteed home loans for people that buy an all electric car and at the same time add solar panels to their roof that will not only charge their car but run their homes. Eliminating the electric bill and car gas bill from the homeowners monthly costs is going to mean they can afford a higher mortgage payment.
This would be coupled with a recharging stand in front of many subdivisions for people to use any surplus charge that may be available after the homeowner has a full house (and car) charge. Thus creating a ready supply of charging locations nationwide.
This will revolutionise the Auto industry too, converting America from Oil to Solar Electric.

revision 12/4/08 to add the following paragraph and correct punctuation
We must first, however, begin by drilling for our own oil as a bridge to the future. These leases should be near the existing delivery infrastructure of currently existing pipelines and port facilities. This does NOT preclude drilling in a small area of the ANWR, off the pacific coast and the atlantic coast. Drilling rigs can't be seen at a distance of five miles, much less eight.

These solutions will eliminate the monetary outflow from America and at the same time eliminate the environmental problems we face. I still don't believe in manmade Global Warming, but it's like the old line about chicken soup and colds. It won't cure anything but it will make you feel better and it can't hurt.

revision 12/3/08 to include the following addition:
After noting the crude look of the solar cells I have seen I have contacted Intel corporation about the possibility of transfering their micron manufacturing technologies to the improvement of efficiencies of photovoltaic cells. They and others (list below) should be gathered into a Manhattan Project style research consortium to aid our push for these goals.

I would include :
General Motors
(The US automobile manufacturers should only be included post reorganization.)
United Solar Ovonic LLC et. al.
Aspen Aerogels
Oak Ridge National Labs
Sandia Labs
General Electric
TVA et. al.
I'll add more as I think of them.

revised 1/4/2009

I think it would be a good idea to start a rural solarization project to stop long distance line losses and keep oil imports down. The amount of national resources that go out of our country each year to import oil should be better spent by using Photovoltaics in all rural areas. This would also be a good move for the defense of our nation in case of foreign attack or interior terrorist attack. The largest power losses in the grid are through line losses. If we can eliminate these losses we will go a long way toward ending our foreign dependency.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fascism In Knoxville

Councilmen Rob Frost and Bob Becker have conspired to tell you and me that we can't park in our yards.( I previously thought it was Joe Hultquist and as much as it pains me to do it I apologize.)
They seem to think it in the best interest, of people they didn't ask, to tell us that we are a nuisance to the regimentation of their wierd fascist dreams. They are going to tell us that we must have a driveway of such and such a length and width and that we must not park outside the lines. What the hell do these powermad freaks think we buy property for in the first place?
So they can herd us like cattle into regimented little blocks of color? Are they going to get Paris Hilton to come and consult with them about having chartreuse lampposts in each and every yard?
This is more of an attempt to keep people from selling cars from their front yards than some effort to ostensibly promote any redevelopment in the affected areas.
Methinks that Misters Becker and Frost have some connection to the auto dealership industry.
Can you say conflict of interest? Ulterior motive?
I sure as hell can!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin vs. Biden

This was theater in it's best form. A "moderator that was trapped by her own stupidity into being an actual moderator instead of an in the tank Obamite as she has demonstrated by her publishing history.
A vice presidential candidate for the democrat party that makes things up and plagiarises at will with total impunity in the leftist press.
An underdog female vice presidential candidate for the republican party that had been called everything but a child of God by that same left wing press for not succumbing to the third degree badgering of the likes of a has-been morning fluff show host trying to make good as a "real news" anchor. And Couric's ratings show how little America thinks of her.
The back drop of a throw the bums out election year in which the democrat should be running away with the nomination if he weren't such a egomaniac socialist terrorist sympathiser mensch.

I think the news agencies have been making Biden's hair plugs disappear like the rain at an NFL game.
It was instructive that Biden had to lie in almost every particular about Obama's very public statements about every aspect of the Iraq war.
The fact that Palin pretty much bitch slapped the press and Biden at the same time had no effect on CNN and CBS's coverage. However, I almost fell over at the seemingly taken aback coverage of NBC actually giving Palin credit for "possibly" winning the debate.
I guess the guys at NBC want to keep some kind of cover of seeming to be unbiased. Who knows? Maybe they were too stoned on prozac to be able to recover that quickly. Or maybe they really meant they believed she won and wanted to report on the obvious.

Sarah Palin put Biden on his heels early and kept him there for most of the night. If there's no bounce out of this it will be a testament to the left wing press spin machine.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bailout Boogaloo

When the financial "crisis" hit wall street last week the great leader of the Senate Harry Reid came right and told america what kind of leadership you get from anti capitalist democrats.
Reid said "Nobody knows what to do". This is an admission of complete failure by the democrats to understand the basic principals of capitalism and market economies. After all why WOULD you try to understand something you hate?
Reid called for John McCain to come to Washington to help convince the republicans to give democrats political cover for the bailout plan. When McCain arrived he decided he wouldn't endorse something he hadn't even read. This made Reid and Pelosi mad. They thought they could sell the republican a "pig in a poke" like Bush had sold them on.
McCain is no "grab the money and run" socialist like Reid and Pelosi though, and didn't fall for the bait!
When McCain didn't fall for it Reid accused him of being an "obstacle and hindrance" and asked him to leave Washington. Harry Reid needs to resign his post and seat. The man is incompetent.
Nancy Pelosi looks like she is on the verge of a mental breakdown. These people are ripe for defeat if we act like real conservatives. I don't mean just pay lip service to it; live it, be it, do it.
Look at the surge of support McCain got for nominating Palin. It was a move toward conservatism. It always works because america is a right of center nation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oil Demogogery On the Air

Once again Mr Phil Williams is trying to make out that oil prices are artificialy inflated.
It's a conspiracy he seems to think. I have never given him much credit for brains. I also don't think that he is really a conservative after thirty years of broadcasting in Rock and Roll stations.
I think he is trying to slowly turn the conservative movement back around to liberalism.
Especialy after yesterdays rant on his show.

Mr. Williams.
Here's the explanation of why gas shot up to $4.99.9 a gallon in Knoxville. If you can follow it.

The normal flow of oil is done on a contract basis. There are definite supply times and ammounts contracted for (in the futures market at auction) and with the pipeline companies for delivery times and dates. There are those like Pilot oil that go outside this normal route on the "spot" market (at auction) so they can keep their price lower than the rest in a normal market.

During an interruption of the market like a hurricane and under duress like a panic buying spree this is turned haywire by several factors.
First the supply is interrupted and delivery times are not on schedule.
Second the panic buying makes the supply on hand in the tanks at gas stations dissappear quicker. This makes the normal delivered price moot because the contracted for supply has been sold.
Now there are more bidders for the gas on the spot market (at auction) that companies like Pilot Oil usually bid for. Thus spiking the price. Because we all know what happens at an auction where there are a lot of wealthy bidders....don't we Mr. Williams?

This is why the price goes sky high at the inner city (and isolated) independent stations like Pilot Oil and Weigels first. Because they were already getting hammered by the disrupted schedule on the spot market trying to outbid each other to get some gas for their customers.

If this isn't enough to tell you what happened when your radio station started a panic then you need glasses....... and an education that I can't give you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Biden's blunder

Joe Biden has said that he thinks Hillarious Clinton would have been a better pick than him.
I agree and so do most of the democrat party.
Just one's too late now.
Should Biden step aside in the interest of winning, it becomes the same old politics of winning at any price. It will highlight the obvious problem of Obama's decision making ability. It will remind everyone of Tom Eagleton and his replacement,Schriver, on the worst ticket in history:
Can you say 17 electoral votes?
Well maybe he'll do as well as Dukakis or Mondale.......
This is getting good. The new has worn off their shiny new penny and the youth vote can't keep their minds focused enough to go vote when that happens.
Obama will get the black vote and the screaming reactionary vote and that will be it.
Women are abandoning him in droves as his attack wolves zero in on Palin.
Now that's a doozy of a mistake.
Alienate the women of your party by dissing their standard bearer and then attack their best hope.
Obama face it. You are no match for the likes of John McCain in a checkers game. And we're playing three dimensional chess.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


John McCain's threat to veto any porkbarrel spending bill and make the people famous that proposed it was a breath of fresh air. After the Sarah Palin pick it was a double whammy of conservatism with a sledge hammer.

The big idea is to make it political suicide to try to put up any bill like that.

I think we should get together as a conservative base to publish the names of those who propose this type of bill. A fund to aid the new president in his pursuit of fiscal responsibility.
To that end I am beginning to pull together resources to do just that.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Palin Pick

John McCain has done it. In one fell swoop he has made it clear that he will take the fight to the democrats. He has demonstrated that he is not afraid of strong women. Not only did he marry one, he nominated one.

The Obama campaign was so surprised that they had to come back to the microphone after their initial salvo of disdain to even recognize the historic nature of the appointment. It is instructive to note that they were so maddened by the choice that it has taken over the conversation just one day after Obama's supposed "speech of a lifetime".

It is clear that it concerns the democrats greatly. Remember the old saying: "methinks thou dost protesteth too much". Their wild disputation in the blogisphere makes this obvious.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The aftermath of the DNC convention

First I will make a prediction. Hillary Clinton will not be re-elected to the senate. She is damaged goods now. With millions in campaign debt she will be weakened and the others in New York will know it. They will smell blood in the water. Think Rudy Giulliani. If she faces too tough a run in that contest it may well finish her off. Somebody tell Rudy that it would keep him in the public eye to be the Senator from New York. We could use a Republican senator from there for a change.

Secondly I will make a prediction that Barak Obama will lose on the scale of Dukakis or McGovern. The Presidency of the United States isn't an affirmative action hire. You need real experience, and the new has worn off the latest (JFK substitute) boy toy of the left. It's really been a study of psychological profundity watching the democrat party pick John F. Kerry over John Edwards. And before that it was Al Gore who looked the part. Now in it's last hurrah they have picked a Black Kennedy. The way he stands and moves is profoundly Kennedy. I think he even copies the cut of JFK's lapels. The move to go to the Brandenberg Gate. It's all scripted to be a return to a blurred image of a Camelot dreamed of and not ever fulfilled. It is playing with Barbies on a grand scale.
Happily ever after just doesn't ever work in real life. At least not in politics.

There is a new wind blowing in American politics. It is the wind of conservatism in renewed strength. It is the wind of a liberalism that is self defeating. The old liberal guard is dying off and they forgot to parent a new generation because they were too busy with their "Lifestyles" to want children and had abortions to keep those lifestyles.
The second wave of the baby boom (the echo generation) was smaller and populated mostly with the children of conservatives. They are now becoming a larger influence than anyone anticipated.
Rush Babies abound. (Al)Franken Babies don't exist. It even sounds bad.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Obamarxist

This is my new truck sticker. I made it myself.
What do you think? Think Linda Blair....
Click the image to enlarge.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Warning signs

The outright execution of a Democrat party Chairman and previously the shootings at the Unitarian church are symptoms......and warnings of things to come.

If you combine this with the low voter turnout here in Knox County you might come to understand that people just don't believe their votes count because of underlying corruption in BOTH parties.

These are warning signs that an armed revolution may be on the horizon in the United States.

I believe this to be the case. When our elected officials begin to use the police power of the state to enforce their personal esthetic considerations and also take away healthcare options to further a political agenda of nationalised healthcare it becomes a personaly desperate position for the middle class.

The Knox county Commission and Knoxville City Council should take heed.
There was no need for Remote Area Medical here until the state took away the option for people to be seen at the County Health Department for a fee.

They have told the middle class to pay the tab and starve.
Can you say "let them eat cake"?

Then they add insult to injury and tell us we can't work on our OWN vehicles in our OWN driveways or park our cars in our OWN yards. Why the hell do you buy a home!
Can you say "fomenting revolution"?
Can you say "petulant elitists"?

The question has been asked..." do liberals need to fear conservatives?"
I think we all know that the answer is a resounding YES!
Unless you stop this elitist use of government police force.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't fall for it.

Georgia stepped in it and wants U-n-Me to bail them out.
What is it with these little tin pot morons that makes them think we will bail them out just because we smiled at them. It's like trying to get away from the fat chick at the bar that you didn't want to be mean to but now she won't go away.
What is it about little guys that makes them take a swing at the big guy and then run behind another big guy for help.
Does Georgia translate into "land of stupid rednecks" worldwide?

I think I seriously depart from most conservative commentators when I say this.
If somebody in south Ossetia doesn't want to be in Georgia, and that seemed to be the majority, then why would the United States help Georgia bully them into staying? Especially when there were already Russian "peacekeepers" there.
It's like watching Billybob poke a stick into a hornets nest to "stir em up".
Vladimir Putin was bound by nationalistic pride and honor to slap the crap out of Saakashvilli.

This crap about pipelines is absurd and the worldwide oil price reflects that sentiment with a resounding yawn.

This has served to help us with Polish acceptance of a Missile Shield and made the leadership of Ukraine talk of stopping Russian access to ports. It will surely make the rest of Europe look at the Russians with a renewed sense of dread.

I think that Vladimir Putin would make a lousy chess player. This was not a move he needed to make. And it will strengthen the board position of his opponent by leaps and bounds. Putin has taken a pawn and lost a rook and bishop in the process.

Vladimir Putin knows what happens to leaders of economic collapse.
This move reflects the precarious position of the Russian economy with stark relief.
Don't forget they are still selling seats on Soyuz to rich tourists.
Perhaps Mr. Putin would be wise to put his nations oil revenues into civillian infrastructure instead of aircraft and tanks and warships.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Attention : Knoxville Auto Dealers

Knoxville Auto Dealers, RV dealers, and Boat dealers.

It has come to my attention that there is a move afoot in city council to stop people from parking in their front yard.
This is on top of a new regulation limiting driveway length and another limiting garage size. These restrictions on personal property rights will affect your business. Think about it. The three combined are a stealth way of limiting vehicle ownership by the green brigade. If you limit how many vehicles may be parked, you have curtailed SALES.

If you don't have a place to park it you won't buy it.

These things are being done in the guise of "law enforcement". It is also an attempt to demand adherence to a twisted sense of esthetics via law enforcement. When are we going to see the fashion police? Are we going to be consulting Paris Hilton about driveway design standards?
Do our city fathers think it's a good idea to waste law enforcement resources telling people they can't work on their own car in their own driveway?

There is also a move to narrow Broadway to two lanes through the "mission district". This is a way of restricting traffic flow to encourage use of public transportation, thus further lowering your sales.

These and other actions are being supported by the Knoxville News Sentinel and Councilman Joe Hultquist among others. Joe is the responsible party in lowering how much remodeling you can do on your own home without a permit. At one time it was $1500.00. through two stages Joe baby has lowered it to $100.00. What about inflation Joe? This is a way for Joe to force you to hire his contracting firm.

They are the same people that are trying to stop the south Knoxville parkway project. (The road to nowhere that has been a dead end since the first part of the project was finished 15? years ago.)
We need to form an association to stop the erosion of our rights and this attack on american business.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Houstons Coverup

The local media is really inept at coverups. They have all used the same term "ride along friend" to describe the former policeman that was killed with the actual sherrifs deputy.
I want to know if it was legal (not if they had permission, IF IT WAS LEGAL)for the other guy to be in the car, whether he had been involved with the Houstons prior to the shootout, and why he was a "former" police officer.

Noboy in the local media has even bothered to ask these questions.

I smell a cushy cover up with a local media that has been co-opted by buddy buddy party invitations.
Not even the winner of the News Sentinels "be our conservative writer" contest Greg Johnson has questioned this.
Wake up Greg!

Joe Hultquist and the water tower lie

There is no way that Joe Hultquist didn't know in advance that the water tower in south Knoxville was going to be built. Joe Baby's weekly briefings in the offices of the Sentinel's publisher every monday would have made sure that he was kept informed. Much less the idea that Permits must be applied for and hearings held. Whether they were held by city offices or county, the Sentinel and Joe Baby would have known.
Why the smoke screen Joe?
So you can create another committee to control your "subjects"?
Dissolve the committee Joe Baby. We are wise to your tricks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gerrymandering by stealth.

The petition drive to shrink the size of county commission is a plot to take over that body by unionized employees of government agencies and the leaders of local socialist news outlets. The at large seats would be dominated by city residents (read liberals) and union members of the various government agencies, school teachers and police unions and firefighters.
It's another way for the people from the News Socialist and Channel 10 Lies to take more power for their tax and spend blackmailers.
It will concentrate power among a small cadre of elitists that are kept informed of the timing of events. These people schedule meetings without informing the public (except in small print micro ads) and then only announce the results of these meetings after the fact. Then they ballyhoo the results as the will of the people.
Watch out Knox countians! They are out for your money to finance their clove smoking cadre of "savior developers" downtown.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Needle Dragger and the Oil Price Thang

I called in to the Schill Williams show the other day. I was going to explain why gas goes up with the futures market but can also go up when the futures price falls. I was shouted down by ol' Schillbio because he didn't want me to keep him from being able to demogouge the issue.
I'm going to write the explanation here and then email him this blog address.
If you're reading Philly boy here it is.
When they buy oil it is at auction. Actually there are TWO auctions. The Futures Auction and the Spot Auction. When the futures auction is on the upswing it may be possible to cheat the price for your customers a little by buying on the spot market. The price on the spot usually lags the futures price in an up market. Also when the market turns down the spot price will lag behind the futures market also making the spot price HIGHER than the futures market. This is why some companies get caught with a rising price when the futures market drops. Because the spot price will rise so some people can cover their butts.
Do you get it now you impatient needle dragging jackass?

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. Sign the petition

Here's the link :
Let's get the ball rolling!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Racism and Socialism on City Council

They do go hand in hand don't they? Racism and Socialism? Think National Socialism (the Nazi Party)
There is a proposal to make it illegal to park in our front yards in Knoxville.
The ostensible purpose of this fiat of socialist engineering is for law enforcement against drug dealers. This from a city council that subsidized drug dealers in Market Square Mall and refuse to confiscate their ill gotten businesses from them even after conviction. Can you say Payola?
They tell us that it will enable police to use a new tool for crime fighting. Where do you think this will be enforced? Certainly not in Sequoia Hills where the driveways are long enough to accomodate large cocaine and brie parties for the well to do; without offending the aesthetic sensibilities of the elitist cadre of Knoxville. Most assuredly they will selectively enforce these laws in the poor neighborhoods where the crackheads have to park their jalopies in the front yards to have a party. And just what color do you think these poor people are? Think now! Poor disadvantaged people that are going to be singled out for a new law enforcement tool.
HMMMMM! Do you think they are predominantly black?
It really wasn't intended as a tool for law enforcement. We all know that. It's an instrument of control. The nose of the camel in the tent.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How they do it.

Creeping socialism is a term that has become associated, in the drive by media, with kooks.
That is, if you use the term.
Let's examine the concept shall we?
First they regulate business out of existence in your community. Then they decry the lack of jobs and dilapidated state of your city. They will form committees to stop the usurpation of your scenic areas and historic locales (Which just happen to be everywhere) . Citizens will not be allowed to make repairs over a certain miniscule level on their own dwellings without seeking approval from their own local central committee (codes enforcement and their city councilman).
This is a concession to developers who want to squeeze john q. public into having to hire a contractor to get through the maze of regulations.
Then they will tell you they can save you if you give them more control over the "evil capitalists". They will bring jobs by appointing and annointing a redeveloper whom they just know has the PLAN that will save our city. He will be annointed to recieve taxpayer money( which will be called "Government money") to spend at his liesure on special projects which will be agreed upon by the editors of the news outlets and the local social dinner circuit.
The people of the local social dinner circuit and the editors of local media shall be hereinafter referred to as the Central Committee.
The black holes of economic influence they cultivate are dilapidated old government buildings.
Places like South High School, Flenniken Elementary and Anderson Elementary, that are a drain on mantinence funds and, could be sold and the money put into the school building fund.
The Old Sears Building on Central is a good example of a boondoggle. How expensive is it to heat that thing?
When they tore down my alma mater (Young High School) and sold it off, I applauded the move as a needed shot in the arm to the economy of South Knoxville. It has been the hub of growth in our community. Without it there would have never been a development out at John Sevier Highway.
When are the people of Knoxville going to wake up and realise that they are being taken for another ride on the scale of the C&C Bank/United American Bank, and Whittle Communications?
Not to mention that boondoggle at Five Points.
When are our city fathers going to stop falling for the next "Big Idea"?
Anybody want to buy a red iguana?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Honor killing in America

The initial arguments made for legalizing abortion in America were based mostly on cowardice.
The fear that your daughter would become a known "slut" because she had a baby out of wedlock. This is what happens in a society that has closed itself off from discussion of sex. The socialists can use this ignorance to promote their agenda. It is pure cowardice to tell your girlfriend or daughter or wife to have an abortion. The leftists decry "Honor Killings" elsewhere, then promote them through abortion here.

It was an opening to promote promiscuity in the masses. If you could obtain a quick cheap abortion you were more likely to be able to wreak havoc on the family structure of the target nation.

It amount's to the abuse of women. First you talk a young woman into having sex out of wedlock. Then when she gets pregnant you just walk away and tell her to kill the baby. But, they don't call it killing the baby. They call it a nice clinical name like "terminating the pregnancy". Sounds just so unemotional doesn't it?

I hope the supporters of Hillary Clinton come to realise that the democrat party has been abusing women since the dawn of the "sexual revolution". They used you for a vote and then they told you to ditch your babies and your families. Now they want you to take it on the chin for the party.

Will you continue to take this abuse? Will your husbands and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers allow this abuse to continue? Stand up like women and men and say "no more"!

Stop slinking away like cowards whom have witnessed the rape of a child.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fragile Fifteen changed

Although I am not so vain as to believe I had anything to do with it, Knox heritage changed the fragile fifteen merely a week and a half after my post about "Knoxville Politics and Lawnmower boys".
They have now interspersed the non specific items throughout the list.
Which rock do they want to hide it under next time?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

John McCain and the Media

I know that McCain isn't the most conservative republican we could have picked. But the media is playing up his differences with hard core conservatives to drive a wedge between us and him.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Not voting for McCain and allowing a democrat in the Whitehouse, with a democrat supermajority in the house and senate, is like burning down your house to prove that the wiring is faulty.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Knoxville Politics and Lawnmower Boys

The recent hoopla over the new water tower in south Knoxville has pointed up the main problem with local politics. Petulant city council representatives getting mad every time they don't get to put their bootprint on a project.
Yes Joe Hultquist, this means you.
Because Baby Joe didn't get to sign off on the tower project we now have a new committee to preserve our precious hilltops from usurpation by the people that actually own them.
Next thing you know, we'll have a committee to preserve our precious valley floors and then our precious hillsides and then the precious intermediate zones and planar areas.
It's just another mechanism of control being siezed by our "progressive" (read communist) council members.
There is this mentality that pervades council that if it isn't sanctioned specifically by council and subsidized by a TIF that it should never be considered.
There is another mentality that pervades council, and Knoxville as a whole. It can be summed up with this statement: "We'uns wants thangs to git better but we don't wants nuthin' to change"
and "We'uns needs better jobs but we don't wants nuthin' built 'round hyere."
This suits the people in Sequoia Hills rather well. It keeps them in a supply of lawnmower boys.
If they can keep opportunity out of South Knoxville, it keeps wages low.
It is getting to the point that we can't even sell off decrepit old school buildings like South High School and Anderson elementary and Flenniken Elementary to add land back into the tax rolls without some jackass waiting to get a piece of the TIF pie. Not to mention the possibility of adding to the School Building Fund.

When we have groups like Knox Heritage lying in wait with a Fragile Fifteen, who's final five items are intentionaly non specific in order to make it possible to jerk up any building in town and start yelling"it's historic! you can't tear that down!" It is impossible to have any meaningful discourse on improving the lives of our citizens.
Knox heritage has NO specified criteria for declaring a structure as "historic".
You can just get up and say"it's grandaddy peed there." and it will be taken seriously.
They even declared part of a housing project as historic. Just what Knoxville needs...a monument to failure. Literally.
The next thing you know, they will try to declare one of Jim Clayton's Trailer Parks as historic!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fareed Zakaria Misses IT!

In Newsweek :

Mr. Fareed Zakaria has just declared American exceptionalism dead. He has also made a point of saying that the rest of the world is catching up to us, and even surpassing us. That American hegemony in the world is waning.
I have news for you Mr. Zakaria. The rest of the world is BECOMING American. They have adopted our ways. Right down to adopting the flash and glitter of Hollywood in Bollywood. The way they have attempted to surpass Las Vegas in casino speldor. The fact that they compete for the worlds largest building.
They have become us. America is not losing influence Mr. Zakaria. It has just opened franchises.

More later..............

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Global warming cover story

This guy is trying to make excuses for the fact that global warming isn't real. It was reported by Bloomberg as credible. Will this crap never cease? :

Sure, it's a new way to keep the farce going. Why not?
A ten year trend of new ocean currents that just happens to coincide with the discovery that the world isn't warming right now after all.
Why, it's just so plausible! Isn't it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Global Warming Hoax

Consider the accuracy of temperature measurement over the last hundred years.
The very idea of an absolute zero wasn't even seriously discussed until the second half of the ninteenth century. Actually approaching it has been a matter not accomplished until the 1970's :
Most of the readings were taken by humans reading thermometers and writing down the results. Can you say "human error"?
Couple that with the instrumentation changes made over the last century, like the addition of back mirrors to eliminate paralax error, and you begin to understand that any consideration of humans being capable of DETECTING a global temperature rise, much less actually having an effect on it, is quite preposterous.

Thermal readings are being taken from places like airport runways near jetwash areas and next to heat pump installations. NASA has been caught with it's pants down over a Y2K glitch in a program reporting sattelite temperature readings which falsely made the 1990's the hottest on record.( It was actually the 1930's once corrected.)

Reference makers can't even agree on what the standard should be for room temperature.(68 or 72 degrees?) There are competing scales of measurement that must be converted from nation to nation. Inaccuracies abound.

The fact that there have been "little ice ages" and "little warm periods" in the Holocene era, before mankind had the current level of carbon generating capacity, makes the idea of manmade global warming silly and arrogant. :

Now think about the fact that Mount Saint Helens spewed more "greenhouse" gasses into the atmosphere in one day than humanity has in our entire recorded history. Did we die of a heat death then? One volcanic eruption, one day, more than all we've ever done.......

When you add to these things the additional factors of orbital changes and cosmic dust clouds impacting solar content absorption, and the solar flare activity during solar maximum and maunder minimums, it becomes clear that human impact on climate is irrelevant.
The cosmos dishes out what it dishes out. We must learn to adapt or perish.

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.