Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't fall for it.

Georgia stepped in it and wants U-n-Me to bail them out.
What is it with these little tin pot morons that makes them think we will bail them out just because we smiled at them. It's like trying to get away from the fat chick at the bar that you didn't want to be mean to but now she won't go away.
What is it about little guys that makes them take a swing at the big guy and then run behind another big guy for help.
Does Georgia translate into "land of stupid rednecks" worldwide?

I think I seriously depart from most conservative commentators when I say this.
If somebody in south Ossetia doesn't want to be in Georgia, and that seemed to be the majority, then why would the United States help Georgia bully them into staying? Especially when there were already Russian "peacekeepers" there.
It's like watching Billybob poke a stick into a hornets nest to "stir em up".
Vladimir Putin was bound by nationalistic pride and honor to slap the crap out of Saakashvilli.

This crap about pipelines is absurd and the worldwide oil price reflects that sentiment with a resounding yawn.

This has served to help us with Polish acceptance of a Missile Shield and made the leadership of Ukraine talk of stopping Russian access to ports. It will surely make the rest of Europe look at the Russians with a renewed sense of dread.

I think that Vladimir Putin would make a lousy chess player. This was not a move he needed to make. And it will strengthen the board position of his opponent by leaps and bounds. Putin has taken a pawn and lost a rook and bishop in the process.

Vladimir Putin knows what happens to leaders of economic collapse.
This move reflects the precarious position of the Russian economy with stark relief.
Don't forget they are still selling seats on Soyuz to rich tourists.
Perhaps Mr. Putin would be wise to put his nations oil revenues into civillian infrastructure instead of aircraft and tanks and warships.

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