Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Houstons Coverup

The local media is really inept at coverups. They have all used the same term "ride along friend" to describe the former policeman that was killed with the actual sherrifs deputy.
I want to know if it was legal (not if they had permission, IF IT WAS LEGAL)for the other guy to be in the car, whether he had been involved with the Houstons prior to the shootout, and why he was a "former" police officer.

Noboy in the local media has even bothered to ask these questions.

I smell a cushy cover up with a local media that has been co-opted by buddy buddy party invitations.
Not even the winner of the News Sentinels "be our conservative writer" contest Greg Johnson has questioned this.
Wake up Greg!

Joe Hultquist and the water tower lie

There is no way that Joe Hultquist didn't know in advance that the water tower in south Knoxville was going to be built. Joe Baby's weekly briefings in the offices of the Sentinel's publisher every monday would have made sure that he was kept informed. Much less the idea that Permits must be applied for and hearings held. Whether they were held by city offices or county, the Sentinel and Joe Baby would have known.
Why the smoke screen Joe?
So you can create another committee to control your "subjects"?
Dissolve the committee Joe Baby. We are wise to your tricks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gerrymandering by stealth.

The petition drive to shrink the size of county commission is a plot to take over that body by unionized employees of government agencies and the leaders of local socialist news outlets. The at large seats would be dominated by city residents (read liberals) and union members of the various government agencies, school teachers and police unions and firefighters.
It's another way for the people from the News Socialist and Channel 10 Lies to take more power for their tax and spend blackmailers.
It will concentrate power among a small cadre of elitists that are kept informed of the timing of events. These people schedule meetings without informing the public (except in small print micro ads) and then only announce the results of these meetings after the fact. Then they ballyhoo the results as the will of the people.
Watch out Knox countians! They are out for your money to finance their clove smoking cadre of "savior developers" downtown.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Needle Dragger and the Oil Price Thang

I called in to the Schill Williams show the other day. I was going to explain why gas goes up with the futures market but can also go up when the futures price falls. I was shouted down by ol' Schillbio because he didn't want me to keep him from being able to demogouge the issue.
I'm going to write the explanation here and then email him this blog address.
If you're reading Philly boy here it is.
When they buy oil it is at auction. Actually there are TWO auctions. The Futures Auction and the Spot Auction. When the futures auction is on the upswing it may be possible to cheat the price for your customers a little by buying on the spot market. The price on the spot usually lags the futures price in an up market. Also when the market turns down the spot price will lag behind the futures market also making the spot price HIGHER than the futures market. This is why some companies get caught with a rising price when the futures market drops. Because the spot price will rise so some people can cover their butts.
Do you get it now you impatient needle dragging jackass?

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. Sign the petition

Here's the link :
Let's get the ball rolling!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Racism and Socialism on City Council

They do go hand in hand don't they? Racism and Socialism? Think National Socialism (the Nazi Party)
There is a proposal to make it illegal to park in our front yards in Knoxville.
The ostensible purpose of this fiat of socialist engineering is for law enforcement against drug dealers. This from a city council that subsidized drug dealers in Market Square Mall and refuse to confiscate their ill gotten businesses from them even after conviction. Can you say Payola?
They tell us that it will enable police to use a new tool for crime fighting. Where do you think this will be enforced? Certainly not in Sequoia Hills where the driveways are long enough to accomodate large cocaine and brie parties for the well to do; without offending the aesthetic sensibilities of the elitist cadre of Knoxville. Most assuredly they will selectively enforce these laws in the poor neighborhoods where the crackheads have to park their jalopies in the front yards to have a party. And just what color do you think these poor people are? Think now! Poor disadvantaged people that are going to be singled out for a new law enforcement tool.
HMMMMM! Do you think they are predominantly black?
It really wasn't intended as a tool for law enforcement. We all know that. It's an instrument of control. The nose of the camel in the tent.

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.