Monday, July 14, 2008

Racism and Socialism on City Council

They do go hand in hand don't they? Racism and Socialism? Think National Socialism (the Nazi Party)
There is a proposal to make it illegal to park in our front yards in Knoxville.
The ostensible purpose of this fiat of socialist engineering is for law enforcement against drug dealers. This from a city council that subsidized drug dealers in Market Square Mall and refuse to confiscate their ill gotten businesses from them even after conviction. Can you say Payola?
They tell us that it will enable police to use a new tool for crime fighting. Where do you think this will be enforced? Certainly not in Sequoia Hills where the driveways are long enough to accomodate large cocaine and brie parties for the well to do; without offending the aesthetic sensibilities of the elitist cadre of Knoxville. Most assuredly they will selectively enforce these laws in the poor neighborhoods where the crackheads have to park their jalopies in the front yards to have a party. And just what color do you think these poor people are? Think now! Poor disadvantaged people that are going to be singled out for a new law enforcement tool.
HMMMMM! Do you think they are predominantly black?
It really wasn't intended as a tool for law enforcement. We all know that. It's an instrument of control. The nose of the camel in the tent.

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