Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gerrymandering by stealth.

The petition drive to shrink the size of county commission is a plot to take over that body by unionized employees of government agencies and the leaders of local socialist news outlets. The at large seats would be dominated by city residents (read liberals) and union members of the various government agencies, school teachers and police unions and firefighters.
It's another way for the people from the News Socialist and Channel 10 Lies to take more power for their tax and spend blackmailers.
It will concentrate power among a small cadre of elitists that are kept informed of the timing of events. These people schedule meetings without informing the public (except in small print micro ads) and then only announce the results of these meetings after the fact. Then they ballyhoo the results as the will of the people.
Watch out Knox countians! They are out for your money to finance their clove smoking cadre of "savior developers" downtown.

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