Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Election 2012 MY prediction.

Mitt Romney will win the Presidency with 330 electoral votes and a margin of popular vote of around 8%.

The Republicans will win 8-12 Senate seats from the democrats.

The Republicans will win about 12 extra House seats to add to their already comfortable margin.

I was correct to within 2 House seats and 3 Senate seats in 2010.

Obama is toast.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Medicare expansion restriction and the highway

The ruling from the Supreme Court on Obamacare makes the Medicare expansion requirement on states unconstitutional. How does this affect Federal Highway Funds and the national speed limit requirement?

How does it affect a myriad of other things that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts intended to imply by his ruling about the federal government bullying state governments?
I really think he was using some parts of this ruling to disguise other things. The liberals didn't have the mental acuity to decipher why he would side with them. They were too elated to be concerned......LMAO!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Chief Justice Roberts in Liliput.

I was stunned by the Supreme court ruling like everybody else.
But then I read it.

Chief Justice John Roberts is no less a genius than the founders in his ruling and opinion.

First he made plain the restrictions on the commerce  clause.
Then he made plain the limits of the Necessary and proper clause.
He did this with the mindful intent of creating stare decisis in this case and referring to previous case law.
And he used the liberal members of the court to do it, tying their hands in future cases, as surely as if he'd become a hypnotist.

Chief Justice Roberts has also made it plain, that a new case may be brought in the future, when the tax takes effect. This is the open door he left himself to return to the law, should congress fail to act.

Chief Justice Roberts has also taken a slap at President Obama saying that, in the Opinion of the Court, the law is deeply flawed. Now you have to run on it.
I and he remember the slap Obama took at the Court in the State of the Union Adress. This is his redress of that greivance.

He has also taken a swing at all of the people who have decried an activist court. Saying that he finds the law constitutional mindful of the intent of congress' majority in passing the law.
This reminds me of all of the outcry after the Kelo decision, the use of the Court in the campaign finance Law by Republicans and Democrats to passs an unconstitutional law that the court was INTENDED to knock down so the congress and President Bush could hide behind the Court for political expedience.
It reminds me of the outcry after this most recent decision over the Arizona immigration law.

First you want the court to refrain and then you want the court to intervene and you then use them for political expedience.

Chief Justice Roberts has slapped you in the face for this and made the liberals and conservatives on the court look like a bunch of Liliputians.
 Especially the liberals. He got you to sign this opinion.

I'm sure he's somewhere having a good laugh at the pundits expense.

I know I am........

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Obama Slow Growth record.

Obama is claiming to have stopped the growth of spending. Not so. It was the Republican takeover of the House in January of 2011 that stopped the growth of the government behemoth. I haven't heard a single conservative pundit mention this in the wake of that stupid graph that came out showing slow growth of government.

Are these guys asleep at the wheel?

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama and gay marriage

The Vacillator in Cheif declared that he supported states rights on gay marriage regulations(which have been declared illegal in 34 states) and he is declared a great man for it because he said he is personally in favor of the practice of gay marriage in the same statement.

Pontious Pilate washed his hands............

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Newt, No How, No Way.

Here's why No Newt!

1994 + 12 = 2006. That's the effect of Newt's insistence on term limits pledges for Conservatives back when he "led" the Contract with America.

As soon as that was "accomplished" he began talking about how the era of Reagan was over and started running around with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and campaigning for the likes of Scozzafava in NY 23.

It's a sure sign that he was a plant and still is.

For those I have to spell it out for.

1994 was the year the conservative revolution took over the house and senate during Clinton's first term.

2006 was the year the democrats swept back into power in congress. And Newt began saying the Era of Reagan was over.

Get it? Treachery at it's finest.

Newt Gingrich believes in manmade Global Warming.

Santorum does not.

Gingrich has toured with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

Santorum has not.

Gingrich has called himself a moderate and a libertarian progressive to triangulate on power.

Rick Santorum lost an election to stand on conservative principle, to Robert P. Casey jr. This was during the liberal democrat landslide of 2006 (which Newt engineered) when the Republican party had lost it's way and took out Santorum with it.

Gingrich has been in bed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Santorum tried to shut them down.

Gingrich backed Scozzafava for NY 23 against a real conservative named Doug Hoffman.

Santorum has tirelessly worked to elect real conservatives. He doesn't waver.

Newt Gingrich is unstable and uninformed.

PS. Why would you believe conservative loyalty from a man who cheated on his wife? Do you think he would keep those promises ?

No Newt, No Way, No How.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A wild hair theory.

I have been reading through some half baked threads on some internet forums. They are theorizing on the beginnings of the universe.

I asked one guy about the "universal constant" that Einstein used in his original Special Theory, because he assumed a static universe. The guy didn't know what the hell I was talking about. It seems it has been renamed the "Cosmological Constant" since I was in High School in the seventies. They don't even teach it any more.

But I digress.

My theory has to do with the theory of the big bang and the singularity. the successive discovery of the red shift that eliminated the cosmologiacl constant and the new discovery of possible accelerated expansion that may revive the theory of a cosmological constant and the even more recent discovery of a region of space ( by Australian astronomers) that seems to be emitting electrons that are moving at the wrong red shift.

What if there were multiple big bangs. We are in the epicenter of one. The odd emmissions are coming from another. They would be arranged like a cubic gridwork, with bang points at the cross hairs, or possibly like beads on a string?
That's all I wanted to point out. It's possible.

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