Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special election for Senate in Massacheusetts

There is a special election for Senate in massacheusetts for Ted Kennedy's old seat.
There is a Republican running. He can be the thorn in the Democrats side by taking away thier 60th vote. The election is at the end of January. Help get out the vote for him. This could stop the train wreck of a health care bill.
His name is Scott Brown. Here is a link to his campaign site.:

Help this man stop them!!!!

Call your local talk radio station and get the word out!
Call your congressman and senators and get them behind this man!
Contribute to his campaign!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A reminder: Girl sold at public auction

The Nation today reports that a 20 year old girl was sold at public auction for Rs270,000 In Pakistan. Azzizan Bhutto was auctioned by her brothers in another demonstration of the huge respect for women that is afforded in the Religion of Islam. Sarcasm intended. Link:

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Frist predicts health bill

Former Senate Majority leader Bill Frist predicted three weeks before the fact that the Senate would pass a health care bill on the date certain december 21st. the direct quote is on the website of WNOX for the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show. The link below.:

click on the 7:30 playback link.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natural Gas industry propaganda machine

The Natural Gas industry just warmed up the old propaganda machine to take advantage of the groundwork they laid with the nuclear companies with the Global Warming Hoax.
Just like I said months ago.

These people have no shame.
They are putting the paid stories into AP to promote Natural Gas, and I'll bet even money that it's on the front lines of every LSM outlet in the nation tomorrow morning.

This is an energy war, pure and simple. One where you and I pay the price.

Next week they'll be doing stories about the "Other Clean Energy" Nuclear. Like the other white meat. Here's the link on Yahoo. I don't know how long they'll keep it up.


edit. they took that link down but here's one from google:

They keep moving the story to cover their tracks.: Here is a new link.:

they did it again. Nobody seems to want to keep this story. There are at least 15 broken links if you do a search for it.

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Climate wars go to Wikipedia

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This is getting wierd. Wikipedia is being controlled by the leftist minions. We knew that going in. Working people don't have the time to sit for hours debating little leftist thugs about what should go into an online encyclopedia. They sit around collecting checks that we pay for and denigrate us for not taking the time to do this. It's time to make them pay for this crap. Somebody needs to take Wikipedia down. HARD!!!!!
They have now sanitized the entire encyclopedia of opposition views on Climategate. Can you say 1984?

Story from Redstate here:


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama sending technology to Cuba

The Obama administration inadvertently admitted that it was sending laptops, cell phones and "other communications equipment" to Cuba when one of it's "contractors" was arrested by the cuban government.
Link to the story here:

Wonder if any of that stuff was cleared by the Defense Department?


Friday, December 11, 2009

Lee and Terry Frank Show

A sad day in Knoxville broadcast history was written today when the radio station, on which my favorite hosts and engineer plied their trade and held forth on their brand of conservatism, was sold out from under Lee and Terry Frank.
This underhanded trick by the new owners of doubling the lease rate for airtime ( in a mere three days) was designed to get rid of them for some other program.

I believe it was a political move. It certainly wasn't a good business move.
Lee and Terry and Kevin made that station a real player in the Knoxville market.

I predict it will be off the air within a mere nine months.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The fake Climate Change argument

This entire argument is a proxy for the Nuclear industry to get back at the oil industry for closing down their ability to build plants in the US back in the seventies. They are now demonizing oil and coal with the Carbon is Evil schpeil. This is obviated by the fact that the big three TV networks (which are controlled by Nuke and Natural Gas interests) didn't mention the Climategate or Warmalot scandal for 14 days after it emerged. They are still trying to spin this as bogus concern over the truth of the data. They even obfuscated in the CBS report about the official position of the Indian and Chinese governments. Saying only that they would set goals, but not reporting on their refusal to sign any deal at Pokenhopen (Copenhagen).
This is a war for power sales in the US. You and I are the ones that are being hurt.

Why do you think the big three went after GW Bush so hard? He's Oil and they're Nuke. Follow the money. It has nothing to do with political philosophy. That's just a smokescreen to get your vote and to make you into willing protesters.

By the way. Back some time ago Westinghouse combined their Group W broadcasting empire with......Teleprompter............just before they bought CBS .

When the Berlin Wall fell they used the former slugworts from the communist regimes as a smokescreen to take over the environmental movement. They forced out most of the adamant anti nuclear people from groups like Greenpeace and inserted those "communists" to push for the carbon dioxide lie instead. Keeping just enough of the anti nuke people to keep deniability.

Just what do you think those "green jobs" are anyway? Nuke plant jobs. While you and I are choked out with high gas prices to make it look like our only salvation.



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dissapointment and joy

It is rare to be disappointed and happy to the point of joy at the same time.
AlBore's announcement, that he would not be attending the Global Warming Summit in Poke-n-Hope-n Denmark, is a disappointment because I won't get more stupid quotes to use like: "beneath the crust the earth is millions of degrees hot".
But, at the same time, I can be overjoyed that the Clown Prince of the global warming lemmings has been chastened enough by the recent political fallout that he has ducked further exposure.

Here is a brilliant argument to use to explain why these alarmists are nothing but "killer bus nuts".

I could not have made a better argument. It's perfect.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poke-n-hopen 2009 and the command performance

The Poke-n-Hope-n summit is to be the Command Performance of Prince Albert Gore and the Nerd Mafia in the dramatic presentation of Warmalot. A tragicomic attempt to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain, with similar results. Foiled by the heroes of the day as always: The good people of the world.

The Political fallout from Climategate is making life in Warmalot a tad bit tight. We see before the play begins, the resignation of key players from the scripted performance. Will there be ample stand ins available? Or will the play be doomed before it is fairly begun?

Revelations of the supression of counter evidence of the conclusions of the climate research team, and even the outright faking of data, will create a noticable chill at the conference. It is scheduled for the 6th through the 18th of December 2009.

The Copenhagen Conference Center may well be nearly deserted, but we are betting the laftwing media will scarcely report that fact, and may cover it up. The obvious and excessive lies placed into the record of the day by Al Gore, ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC and the New York Times are coming back to bite them.
Oh Happy Day!



Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.