Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natural Gas industry propaganda machine

The Natural Gas industry just warmed up the old propaganda machine to take advantage of the groundwork they laid with the nuclear companies with the Global Warming Hoax.
Just like I said months ago.

These people have no shame.
They are putting the paid stories into AP to promote Natural Gas, and I'll bet even money that it's on the front lines of every LSM outlet in the nation tomorrow morning.

This is an energy war, pure and simple. One where you and I pay the price.

Next week they'll be doing stories about the "Other Clean Energy" Nuclear. Like the other white meat. Here's the link on Yahoo. I don't know how long they'll keep it up.


edit. they took that link down but here's one from google:

They keep moving the story to cover their tracks.: Here is a new link.:

they did it again. Nobody seems to want to keep this story. There are at least 15 broken links if you do a search for it.

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