Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The fake Climate Change argument

This entire argument is a proxy for the Nuclear industry to get back at the oil industry for closing down their ability to build plants in the US back in the seventies. They are now demonizing oil and coal with the Carbon is Evil schpeil. This is obviated by the fact that the big three TV networks (which are controlled by Nuke and Natural Gas interests) didn't mention the Climategate or Warmalot scandal for 14 days after it emerged. They are still trying to spin this as bogus concern over the truth of the data. They even obfuscated in the CBS report about the official position of the Indian and Chinese governments. Saying only that they would set goals, but not reporting on their refusal to sign any deal at Pokenhopen (Copenhagen).
This is a war for power sales in the US. You and I are the ones that are being hurt.

Why do you think the big three went after GW Bush so hard? He's Oil and they're Nuke. Follow the money. It has nothing to do with political philosophy. That's just a smokescreen to get your vote and to make you into willing protesters.

By the way. Back some time ago Westinghouse combined their Group W broadcasting empire with......Teleprompter............just before they bought CBS .

When the Berlin Wall fell they used the former slugworts from the communist regimes as a smokescreen to take over the environmental movement. They forced out most of the adamant anti nuclear people from groups like Greenpeace and inserted those "communists" to push for the carbon dioxide lie instead. Keeping just enough of the anti nuke people to keep deniability.

Just what do you think those "green jobs" are anyway? Nuke plant jobs. While you and I are choked out with high gas prices to make it look like our only salvation.



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