Friday, September 24, 2010

Vote for Sean Bielat Massachusetts 4th

There is now a real chance to defeat Barney Frank in Massachusetts 4th district. Sean Bielat in the race for that seat can be the guy to pull it off. Just like Scott Brown took the senate seat from the democrats in that state, it's an underdogs race to win.
Get behind Sean and make this happen.

Contribute and phone bank for this man!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Liberal Dinosaur Media.

The decision by Christine O'Donnell to ignore the liberal national media is refreshing. It's also a duplicate of what is being done by TEA party candidates nationwide who are fed up with the attack dogs of the Democrat party. The Democrats wouldn't debate on Fox in the last presidential election and this is payback.
The Liberal Dinosaur Media will have to beg conservatives to go on their programs from now on.
They are losing relevancy daily. I will not miss them.  I even threw out my TV. I suggest you do it too. it's nothing but drivel any more anyway.
It's my new abbreviation for them.  No more MSM, now they are the LDM.
Crawling toward extinction with every false report

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