Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The aftermath of the DNC convention

First I will make a prediction. Hillary Clinton will not be re-elected to the senate. She is damaged goods now. With millions in campaign debt she will be weakened and the others in New York will know it. They will smell blood in the water. Think Rudy Giulliani. If she faces too tough a run in that contest it may well finish her off. Somebody tell Rudy that it would keep him in the public eye to be the Senator from New York. We could use a Republican senator from there for a change.

Secondly I will make a prediction that Barak Obama will lose on the scale of Dukakis or McGovern. The Presidency of the United States isn't an affirmative action hire. You need real experience, and the new has worn off the latest (JFK substitute) boy toy of the left. It's really been a study of psychological profundity watching the democrat party pick John F. Kerry over John Edwards. And before that it was Al Gore who looked the part. Now in it's last hurrah they have picked a Black Kennedy. The way he stands and moves is profoundly Kennedy. I think he even copies the cut of JFK's lapels. The move to go to the Brandenberg Gate. It's all scripted to be a return to a blurred image of a Camelot dreamed of and not ever fulfilled. It is playing with Barbies on a grand scale.
Happily ever after just doesn't ever work in real life. At least not in politics.

There is a new wind blowing in American politics. It is the wind of conservatism in renewed strength. It is the wind of a liberalism that is self defeating. The old liberal guard is dying off and they forgot to parent a new generation because they were too busy with their "Lifestyles" to want children and had abortions to keep those lifestyles.
The second wave of the baby boom (the echo generation) was smaller and populated mostly with the children of conservatives. They are now becoming a larger influence than anyone anticipated.
Rush Babies abound. (Al)Franken Babies don't exist. It even sounds bad.

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