Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Obamarxist

This is my new truck sticker. I made it myself.
What do you think? Think Linda Blair....
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Jose De Los Santos said...

I hate to spoil your party, but hispanics will be a huge percentage of the population, along with other minorities - and recent immigrants today will be voting 10 years from now.

These people will vote Democrat more and more (even the Catholics), and the only conservative babies voting republican will be white.

As long as whites are a majority in the US, the republicans can win, but in a decade, it won't be that way, unless you all continue to pursue your awful brand of institutional racism.

Just look at the polls now - most white males don't feel "comfortable" voting for a black president. Defend yourself all you want - but the proof will be in the pudding come November when white males will help McCain win.

What's ludicrous is how republicans try to defend that they are not racist - but in a voting booth, it's anonymous ... ha ha the true colors show!!!!

You might win in 2008, but not in the long run, and when we get in power, we'll treat you exactly the way you treated us ha ha ha.


Ken Weaver said...

What we white males don't feel comfortable voting for is a screaming socialist from a liberation theology church.
If you'd open your eyes a little the truth might seep in. This country is becoming more conservative. Liberals are killing off their babies by abortion and killing themselves with drug abuse and hard living. They are dying off and not leaving a new generation to carry their ideology forward.
Economic reality will force the dawning of conservatism in the black and hispanic communities.
Look around. There are small businessmen on every street corner in the Barrio. In the Hood it's the same. Whether they are selling shoes or T-shirts. They are learning the lessons of capitalist reality.
We have the liberals running scared. Sarah Palin is proof of that.

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