Sunday, August 17, 2008

Warning signs

The outright execution of a Democrat party Chairman and previously the shootings at the Unitarian church are symptoms......and warnings of things to come.

If you combine this with the low voter turnout here in Knox County you might come to understand that people just don't believe their votes count because of underlying corruption in BOTH parties.

These are warning signs that an armed revolution may be on the horizon in the United States.

I believe this to be the case. When our elected officials begin to use the police power of the state to enforce their personal esthetic considerations and also take away healthcare options to further a political agenda of nationalised healthcare it becomes a personaly desperate position for the middle class.

The Knox county Commission and Knoxville City Council should take heed.
There was no need for Remote Area Medical here until the state took away the option for people to be seen at the County Health Department for a fee.

They have told the middle class to pay the tab and starve.
Can you say "let them eat cake"?

Then they add insult to injury and tell us we can't work on our OWN vehicles in our OWN driveways or park our cars in our OWN yards. Why the hell do you buy a home!
Can you say "fomenting revolution"?
Can you say "petulant elitists"?

The question has been asked..." do liberals need to fear conservatives?"
I think we all know that the answer is a resounding YES!
Unless you stop this elitist use of government police force.

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