Thursday, September 11, 2008

Biden's blunder

Joe Biden has said that he thinks Hillarious Clinton would have been a better pick than him.
I agree and so do most of the democrat party.
Just one's too late now.
Should Biden step aside in the interest of winning, it becomes the same old politics of winning at any price. It will highlight the obvious problem of Obama's decision making ability. It will remind everyone of Tom Eagleton and his replacement,Schriver, on the worst ticket in history:
Can you say 17 electoral votes?
Well maybe he'll do as well as Dukakis or Mondale.......
This is getting good. The new has worn off their shiny new penny and the youth vote can't keep their minds focused enough to go vote when that happens.
Obama will get the black vote and the screaming reactionary vote and that will be it.
Women are abandoning him in droves as his attack wolves zero in on Palin.
Now that's a doozy of a mistake.
Alienate the women of your party by dissing their standard bearer and then attack their best hope.
Obama face it. You are no match for the likes of John McCain in a checkers game. And we're playing three dimensional chess.

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