Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bailout Boogaloo

When the financial "crisis" hit wall street last week the great leader of the Senate Harry Reid came right and told america what kind of leadership you get from anti capitalist democrats.
Reid said "Nobody knows what to do". This is an admission of complete failure by the democrats to understand the basic principals of capitalism and market economies. After all why WOULD you try to understand something you hate?
Reid called for John McCain to come to Washington to help convince the republicans to give democrats political cover for the bailout plan. When McCain arrived he decided he wouldn't endorse something he hadn't even read. This made Reid and Pelosi mad. They thought they could sell the republican a "pig in a poke" like Bush had sold them on.
McCain is no "grab the money and run" socialist like Reid and Pelosi though, and didn't fall for the bait!
When McCain didn't fall for it Reid accused him of being an "obstacle and hindrance" and asked him to leave Washington. Harry Reid needs to resign his post and seat. The man is incompetent.
Nancy Pelosi looks like she is on the verge of a mental breakdown. These people are ripe for defeat if we act like real conservatives. I don't mean just pay lip service to it; live it, be it, do it.
Look at the surge of support McCain got for nominating Palin. It was a move toward conservatism. It always works because america is a right of center nation.

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