Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin vs. Biden

This was theater in it's best form. A "moderator that was trapped by her own stupidity into being an actual moderator instead of an in the tank Obamite as she has demonstrated by her publishing history.
A vice presidential candidate for the democrat party that makes things up and plagiarises at will with total impunity in the leftist press.
An underdog female vice presidential candidate for the republican party that had been called everything but a child of God by that same left wing press for not succumbing to the third degree badgering of the likes of a has-been morning fluff show host trying to make good as a "real news" anchor. And Couric's ratings show how little America thinks of her.
The back drop of a throw the bums out election year in which the democrat should be running away with the nomination if he weren't such a egomaniac socialist terrorist sympathiser mensch.

I think the news agencies have been making Biden's hair plugs disappear like the rain at an NFL game.
It was instructive that Biden had to lie in almost every particular about Obama's very public statements about every aspect of the Iraq war.
The fact that Palin pretty much bitch slapped the press and Biden at the same time had no effect on CNN and CBS's coverage. However, I almost fell over at the seemingly taken aback coverage of NBC actually giving Palin credit for "possibly" winning the debate.
I guess the guys at NBC want to keep some kind of cover of seeming to be unbiased. Who knows? Maybe they were too stoned on prozac to be able to recover that quickly. Or maybe they really meant they believed she won and wanted to report on the obvious.

Sarah Palin put Biden on his heels early and kept him there for most of the night. If there's no bounce out of this it will be a testament to the left wing press spin machine.

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