Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Weaver Plan

It's time to tell everyone what I think will work to end dependence on foreign oil and end the financial crisis in America.
We have the opportunity to advance solar energy use and cut emissions while saving homeowners from default by refinancing their homes and financing electric cars and solar roof panels at the same time.
The idea is to make government guaranteed home loans for people that buy an all electric car and at the same time add solar panels to their roof that will not only charge their car but run their homes. Eliminating the electric bill and car gas bill from the homeowners monthly costs is going to mean they can afford a higher mortgage payment.
This would be coupled with a recharging stand in front of many subdivisions for people to use any surplus charge that may be available after the homeowner has a full house (and car) charge. Thus creating a ready supply of charging locations nationwide.
This will revolutionise the Auto industry too, converting America from Oil to Solar Electric.

revision 12/4/08 to add the following paragraph and correct punctuation
We must first, however, begin by drilling for our own oil as a bridge to the future. These leases should be near the existing delivery infrastructure of currently existing pipelines and port facilities. This does NOT preclude drilling in a small area of the ANWR, off the pacific coast and the atlantic coast. Drilling rigs can't be seen at a distance of five miles, much less eight.

These solutions will eliminate the monetary outflow from America and at the same time eliminate the environmental problems we face. I still don't believe in manmade Global Warming, but it's like the old line about chicken soup and colds. It won't cure anything but it will make you feel better and it can't hurt.

revision 12/3/08 to include the following addition:
After noting the crude look of the solar cells I have seen I have contacted Intel corporation about the possibility of transfering their micron manufacturing technologies to the improvement of efficiencies of photovoltaic cells. They and others (list below) should be gathered into a Manhattan Project style research consortium to aid our push for these goals.

I would include :
General Motors
(The US automobile manufacturers should only be included post reorganization.)
United Solar Ovonic LLC et. al.
Aspen Aerogels
Oak Ridge National Labs
Sandia Labs
General Electric
TVA et. al.
I'll add more as I think of them.

revised 1/4/2009

I think it would be a good idea to start a rural solarization project to stop long distance line losses and keep oil imports down. The amount of national resources that go out of our country each year to import oil should be better spent by using Photovoltaics in all rural areas. This would also be a good move for the defense of our nation in case of foreign attack or interior terrorist attack. The largest power losses in the grid are through line losses. If we can eliminate these losses we will go a long way toward ending our foreign dependency.


stephen said...

Changed your mind from your earlier "drill baby drill" post?

Ken Weaver said...

Not by any means. This is in addition to drilling which will take less time. We've got to get rid of this "either or" mentality.
One part of the solution doesn't exclude the others.
This plan will take at least a decade to show an appreciable effect. Drilling near the already established pipeline infrastructure will take less than three years to have an effect on world energy prices.
Thanks for asking!

October 15, 2008 7:52 AM

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