Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fascism In Knoxville

Councilmen Rob Frost and Bob Becker have conspired to tell you and me that we can't park in our yards.( I previously thought it was Joe Hultquist and as much as it pains me to do it I apologize.)
They seem to think it in the best interest, of people they didn't ask, to tell us that we are a nuisance to the regimentation of their wierd fascist dreams. They are going to tell us that we must have a driveway of such and such a length and width and that we must not park outside the lines. What the hell do these powermad freaks think we buy property for in the first place?
So they can herd us like cattle into regimented little blocks of color? Are they going to get Paris Hilton to come and consult with them about having chartreuse lampposts in each and every yard?
This is more of an attempt to keep people from selling cars from their front yards than some effort to ostensibly promote any redevelopment in the affected areas.
Methinks that Misters Becker and Frost have some connection to the auto dealership industry.
Can you say conflict of interest? Ulterior motive?
I sure as hell can!

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October Kiki said...

Amen Ken!
I agree that government is taking over our rights and this is so wrong.
I really enjoy reading your blogs.
Take care,

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