Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Confluence of Serendipity

The recent loss by the Republican party was caused by a range of factors brought about by serendipity.
John McCain was seen by the base of the conservative movement as a hold your nose candidate.
Barak Obama was seen as the culmination of decades of struggle by blacks in America, causing them to turn out in record numbers while conservative whites stayed home or voted for the "none of the above" choice.
The Hatred of the media for George W. Bush proped up The Obamamessiah as it did John Kerry and Algore, however that wasn't enough even so.
It took the advent of the financial crisis as the "October Suprise" that pushed all these factors into a win for Obama. Without this, there is another GW vs. Algore close election.

This will be followed by the realization of reality setting in. Obama will not be able to come through with the "Wondrous Future" that his supporters believe in with their magical thinking.
There will be an effect like the Knox County elections recently.
Throw the bums out works the first time, but apathy returns to those that rarely vote.
And if they sense that what they did doesn't matter, they may never return to the polls.

There will be a lasting benefit to this election for the conservative movement. It will be the begining of realization by black Americans that big daddy government will only maintain you in poverty, not help you achieve prosperity.
This will be our opening.........if we realize that blacks aren't an alien life form, but Americans with dreams just like our own.

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the_truth said...

i couldnt agree more with you

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