Monday, September 17, 2007


People have to take responsibility for their own actions. If you don't make yourself marketable you won't make a sale....What that means is you have to be presentable and personable when you apply for a job.Would you buy a house from the person you see in the mirror? A cd maybe but not a house? Then get to work and make yourself more mature and capable of seeing that side of yourself. Change the way you dress.Change the way you talk. Make yourself someone you could trust to make those biggest decisions of your life. If you don't have an education you have no base from which to judge how to make any decision. With the proper education you can make those decisions easily. First you need the basics from conventional school. Reading, writing, and arithmetic. Then you need a financial education. This is something most schools don't offer at the middle school or high school level. It must usually be obtained by your own devices. The best place to start is the Wall Street Journal, or Bloomberg online. In them you will find most of the resources you need to plan your financial future. Then get information about how to buy and finance your own house. You will never regret it. Most of all, you will never save enough money to be financially independent if you have no patience. Spending the first five years of your life after high school to establish a stable financial base is the best use of those years. The road of partiers is the road to no money. Keep away from the booze, cigs and drugs. These eat your money and leave you broke. My parents generation used to call bars "clip joints", because they could trim your wallet. That's all for now. Enjoy life but don't blow it.

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