Monday, September 17, 2007


I have been really perturbed by the lies about energy savings from engine efficiencies lately.There are better ways to save energy. The Neolibtard press, Democrat and Republican legislators won't tell you anything about them. I will.The best way to save energy in this country is by regulating LANDLORDS!Landlords have no incentive to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stocks because they don't pay the utility bills! Thus my proposal would be to create a package of incentives to landlords through tax breaks and subsidies to remodel older housing stocks (the RIGHT WAY)to install insulation and eliminate old lath and plaster walls by replacing them with sheetrock.The wiring needs replaced in most of these houses too. Not to mention installation of central heat and air systems.Then, we institute a system of fines and confiscation or demolition, to enforce energy efficiency, as measured by the BTU usage per square floor foot of living space. There would different efficiency levels for ranchers than two story houses etc.The politicians won't tell you about something like this because they are too busy keeping welfare recipients in these substandard subsidised tenements for their contributor base landlords. Ask your landlord if he's a republican or democrat. You will find that most landlords that accept subsidies are democrats. And they are heavy contributors to the democrats that keep their pockets lined with housing subsidies.That's why you won't see this in the mainstream media or hear it from your congressman.You can fight by also getting rid of your incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with the new screw in flourescent bulbs. They have become much better than they once were for light output. If the manufacturers would just stop trying to lie about which bulbs really put out the equivalent light, more people would buy them. RULE OF THUMB for picking a flourescent replacement bulb: Use a bulb that would be assigned a 75 watt replacement value for the 60 watt bulb you are replacing and you will get the same light output. Just go up a step from the manufacturers lie about output level comparison.Really hard to figure out huh?

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