Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Healthcare Debate

Since the days of the New Deal the socialists in this country have been setting us up for this control mechanism.
Making insurance companies take on ever more burdensome coverages that they wouldn't think of doing for any other insurance type has allowed them to demogouge rising premiums as a form of usury. They have allowed Illegal Immigration to burgeon as a way of burdening hospitals to the brink of collapse. They stretch all of our governmental services with techniques to create ever more alarmist tones of doom and gloom about our system.
This is being promoted by those who would become an elitist control class.
Universal Health Care is the ultimate form of blackmail. Need an operation? Oops, sorry, but you supported the conservative candidate. You get nothing. A permanent way to subjugate everyone.
This is madness.
The way they destroyed the Vaccine industry in this country should act as a warning. We used to make all of our vaccines here in this country. But we now only make 20%. This is a security risk.
This is simply unworkable.
If you really wanted to fix the system, you'd let insurers create catastrophic care only insurance policies, that would keep people from going bankrupt.
You don't insure your car against a flat tire, or an oil change.
Why would you insure for vaccines and yearly checkups?
It's an odious system caused by cretins pandering to get votes.

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