Saturday, May 30, 2009

The original sin of Barak Obama.

I will not mince my words here. This needs to evoke the emotions that it will.

Elected with a 98% plurality of the black vote, Barak Obama's Presidency is born in the original sin of racism.
The first act of power of blacks in america was race based. It is as much of a stain on black power as the sin of omission in the Constitution of the United States in leaving the question of Slavery up to future generations.
Then you add in this Supreme Court pick (Sottomayor) and her proclivity to see herself as a "wise latina more capable than a white male" and you have the powder set up in a shiny keg all nice and dry.
This will be used as a recruiting tool for hate groups across america.
"The niggers did it, so now it's ok to vote based on race." will be what is said.
If the black voting block doesn't break up in the next election, and there is enough suffering still going on in our economy, this may well be the end of the republic. It will certainly be grist for those who would begin a race war in earnest.


Kevin McKague said...

How do explain that almost no African-Americans voted for Alan Keyes in the Republican primaries in the various years in which he ran for president.

If, as you suggest, they only voted for President Obama because of his race, surely they would have voted for Keyes as well.

Ken Weaver said...

That's easy. The press and liberals have declassified any black that expresses a coservative viewpoint as not black enough or an uncle tom, or worse as a race traitor.
This is expressed in the treatment of Clarence Thomas and Condoleeza Rice.
You still can't express a valid argument.

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