Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bush Dividend

The "unrest" in Iran this week, following the stolen election, is a telltale sign that the Bush Doctrine is working. Even after the man has been out of office for six months there are people emboldened by the idea that they too can have a real democracy. Maybe GW should have called it the "yes we can" foreign policy.

Having two burgeoning democracies on either side of them has depleted the "elite Republican Guards". So heavily depleted from them being sent to fight our troops, that the people of Iran sense an opening. The ranks of the fanatic followers of the Mullahs have been thinned by their foreign adventurism. The Mullahs now have very few left to guard THEMSELVES!

I think GW is sitting back and having a good chuckle at this development.
Democracy Sandwich anybody?

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