Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

Anybody that wants to know how I feel about the Mosque being proposed for the area near Ground Zero in New York should consider this:

How would you feel if the KKK opened a new headquarters in Harlem and dedicated the building on the anniversary of Martin Luther King jr.'s assasination?
What if they said it was to promote a new understanding between blacks and whites in America?

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Jim D. said...

You poor misguided soul... don't you know 9-11 was the work of underprivileged persons acting out their frustrations at the lack of opportunity? The Mosque is a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. And maybe change too.
I'm considering a career change to liberal spin master. Need all the practice I can get.
As far as the headquarters in Harlem goes, you know the Libertarian response: "Sure, go for it, have a ball; but you don't get any police protection...and you have to wait till I make some popcorn!"

Ken Weaver said...

underpriveledged? Osama Bin Laden is the son of billionaires! LMAO!!!!!

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