Thursday, June 16, 2011

Online ammo purchases

There was a law that was knocked down in California that required fingerprints and ID to get ammunition, thus outlawing online sales. I applaud that decision.

What the left doing here is using the falacious argument of who should be ALLOWED to have a gun. They set up the scenario by weakening sentencing laws so people would be afraid of the felons getting out and getting guns. Then they say that everybody should have to pass a background check to get a gun so felons can't get them. The huge hole in the argument is that if a felon wants a gun he's going to get one and background checks be damned. He's a felon after all and doesn't care about laws. This is used to get information on who has applied for PERMISSION to have a gun. This way they will know who to confiscate them from. They've been working on this for a very long time. They are statists who want to establish a dictatorship.

If you think somebody is too dangerous to have a gun, they should still be behind bars. They don't care about your stupid laws. And you know it.

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