Monday, March 9, 2009

Legalize it!

I know this stand will shock some of the people that read my blog.
Just read it thouroughly before getting worked up.

The people that want drugs kept illegal all benefit from it in some way.
The Mafia turns a profit
The Politician gets an issue to demogogue
The Priest/Rabbi/Pastor/Mullah gets to rail against the evils of drug use.
The terrorist gets a source of funding.

All that goes away if you legalize them and you can grow marijuana and coca in your back yard.
The crime stops because nobody has to steal to get a buzz.
Law enforcement gets a break to fight real crime.
Prisons suddenly don't have to let out the hard criminals to house druggies.
You get to tax what is sold to fund treatment programs.
You get to pay less tax on prison space from overcrowded prisons with revolving doors.
People get jobs selling legal drugs.
Since it costs less to get high you have fewer people on social services.
A bag of weed that goes for $100.00 now will sell for about $5.00.
The funding for terrorists goes away.
Border traffic gets less dangerous for our border patrol because there would be no reason to import what you can grow. And it would be legal anyway.
The underground balance of trade would stop hemmoraghing our nations cash.
Fewer cops get killed trying to stop crazed drug trafficers.
Gang activity would almost cease.
Our neighborhoods would be safer.

The whole thing makes money available to bribe politicians with. It makes it possible to intimidate people to keep them from talking. It makes prostitution necessary for many women hooked on drugs by pimps that use them for a source of income.
This is why we should also legalize prostitution. Eliminate the pimp and the prostitute may get help. She will certainly be able to keep her money and get treated for diseases. The dirty politician won't be able to intimidate the prostitute into silence. Neither could the dirty priest/pastor/rabbi. They would have no hold over the prostitute.
I could go on and on.
But will the dogmatists listen?

Why would a God fearing American help drug dealers make money off of your kids?
Why would they let the pimps be able to bribe politicians into turning your daughter into a hooker?
Legalize it and control it and tax it and that will stop.

Punish the acts of the individual. Not society as a whole.
Punish the drunk driver but keep alcohol legal.
Punish the drugged driver but make drugs legal.

Only a dealer would be against legalization.
Or maybe a terrorist. Or a politician trying to hide something.
Or a priest/rabbi/pastor/imam trying to hide something.
Or a brainwashed true believer.

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