Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cure

They say that social security is the third rail of politics.
What if we eliminate that rail? What if we print enough money to send all the people that paid into the system, to send their money back with 10% interest for all those years?

We can keep the disability protion of Social Security without an extra tax.
Can you imagine what the senior citizens will be able to do with that money?
Can you imagine what the average family will be able to do with that money?

This is a part of the problem we are experiencing right now. They have been acting as vampires on our economy in Washington for decades with this drain of our savings potential. If you return the savings that Washington has robbed from the American people we will not need a stimulus at all.

They have been using the money they have taken from us and spent it on the budget. All that's left are a bunch of IOU's in a drawer in Virginia.

Stop stealing from us. Stop taking our futures from us. Stop violating our rights and the Constitution. End the income tax and pass The Fair Tax. If you do this there will be a resurgence in America. We won't need any housing subsidies. We won't need the HUD or FHA or the VA loan program or the Community Reinvestment Act. We won't need the housing assistance programs for the poor because they won't be poor anymore. We won't need Mortgage Interest Deductions from an income tax that ceases to exist.

More about this later.

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