Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea party tango

I was at the Knoxville Tea Party today on the old Worlds Fair site. It was much better than I expected in turnout. They couldn't get everyone into the ampitheater. I would personally estimate the local crowd to have been in excess of four thousand. I was profoundly happy about that. People ARE getting tired of this crap.
And I was beginning to think I was shouting into the wind.
Not anymore.
The enthusiasm and vigor of the crowd was impressive by any standard.
People of all ages were there. I think that was the most encouraging aspect of it all. The number of college age people there easily equalled the ones my own age. We are off to the races on this one.
The MSM may try to ignore this but the politicians certainly cannot.
It reminds me of the H. Ross Perot effect on the budget during the Clinton years.
They were scared of losing power to a viable third party. That's what actually got that budget under control back then, and it's what will do it today.
The Republicans have been too much like Democrat lite, and the Democrats are just what we knew they would be.
I have to wonder what the headlines on tomorrows papers will be. Did they get it? Do they care?


ardita said...

Hey Ken-
Miss you on the PF forum. What happened there?! Can't figure out how to get a message to you other than this. Good blog. Same experience with the tea party here-great energy. Folks exercising thier rights and seeking to reclaim the constitution.

Ken Weaver said...

Right now I'm posting on

I got a little carried away in a post in the thread I started about Rush Limbaugh's charity Radiothon for Lymphoma.
I blasted the libs pretty good.
I think dougyvr has it in for me since I gave Makkede hell for using her kids for a political point.
He shouldn't be a mod.

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