Friday, February 26, 2010

The Nuclear option

Since the first passage of the Health Bill here have been three democrats either die or leave the House that voted for it the first time around. Murtha,Abercrombie of Hawaii, and Wexler of Florida.

The point being that they don't HAVE the votes to pass a nuclear option or there would never have been a Whitehouse Summit in the first place. They are trying to shake loose a few votes from republicans to pass anything at all.

This will make it more difficult than the last time and there is an election coming right around the corner. Many will be opposed in early primaries by people who could take them down with the issue.

Lets get the tea party voters to concentrate on getting the primary opponents of those who voted for it the last time, some monetary support to put the heat on them early!

"It isn't necessary to get them to see the light, just make them feel the heat"- Ronald Reagan

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