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Bill Haslam shoots self in foot in race for Governor

Bill Haslam, who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor of the State of Tennessee denied permission to the TEA party to use the assembly room of the Knoxville/Knox County City/County building to show a film about the anniversary of the movement.

The supposed conservative Republican called the group too "one sided".

Haslam, the son of Pilot Oil founder Jim Haslam, has amassed a fortune in campaign donations which will now go for naught!

He just lost! What a dope!
From the email.:


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MOVIE VIEWING- The movie viewing went on as scheduled on Saturday. We did not know that there would be that much traffic there. I apologize especially if anybody drove to campus and left because they couldn't find a parking place. The UT staff members who I talked to told me that we could park in the garage next to the University Center and actually suggested it. I'm sorry that the garage was not open but that is an issue which we WILL be taking up with those who told us it would be open.

OUR ORIGINAL PLAN- We originally had the City County Building scheduled for that same time but were denied access by Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam. When asked for a reason he remarked that the Tea Party movement was "one-sided."

OUR NEXT STEP- Since Mayor Haslam thinks that we are "one-sided" we want to extend the opportunity for anybody to voice their opinion on this matter as well as others. We want to come up with a list of topics to talk about and we will discuss these matters right outside of the City County Building. We will have a loud speaker and rules that will include no cursing. Each person that wants to come up and speak will have a time limit and will be video taped. The best speeches will be posted on the website for all to view (as long as the speaker permits).



WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU? The topics will be in the form of a question and the one that we chose was "Why should we be allowed to use the City County Building (since we pay for it with our tax dollars)?" The other topics are going to be chosen by you. Choose 2-3 questions that you feel are most important and send them to me. Keep them short. The high that day will be 43 degrees so if anyone has an outdoor propane heater then we would love to use it. Either way we are converging to let our voices be heard. Come join us if you want to be heard. Send us your questions and we will see you on Thursday. We will be meeting there each week until they let us use the building. We'll send out more about that in upcoming emails.

ALSO- DVD's are here. We called everybody on the list that purchased one. We didn't get ahold of everyone so those who we did not speak with please contact us by replying to this email.

Thanks Knoxville....

Jonathon C. Baloga

(865) 357-3TEA

EDIT:  addenda,
 Jon's reply to the idea that the Mayor has no influence in this matter. As if you're only supposed to go through the public building authority. :


We did. We asked the PBA on about 5 different occasions what the procedures were. They even reserved the building for us but had to wait for approval from one of the mayors offices to "officially" book it. I called the PBA myself so I can tell you on my word that the PBA does not have the say so in who ultimately uses the building. I'll be putting out an email tonight about this. A friend of Bill's forwarded me an email with a reply supposedly from him. I'll send the contents out with my email.

Jonathon C. Baloga
(865) 357-3TEA

EDIT TWO: Further from the Knoxville TEA party

I want to make it clear that I neither support nor oppose Bill Haslam. This is my personal opinion and not necessarily the position of the Knoxville Tea Party. I believe that the biggest problem in our country is uninformed voters. If we stayed informed in political activities then we wouldn't be in this mess so I don't want anybody to take what I said in one of my previous emails and use that as the determining factor as to whether or not they vote for Bill. This is counter-productive to the Tea Party movement.
Many have asked what exactly happened. A fellow Tea Partyer contacted the Public Building Authority and actually reserved the Main Assembly Room for the Feb. 27th. We were then instructed that we would have to get approval from one of the Mayor's offices. He visited both Mayor Haslam's and Ragsdale's offices. Mayor Ragsdale never got back with us but the response that we received from our request with Mayor Haslam's office was that we wouldn't be able to use the facility because we were a "one-sided" political party.

I can't prove that those words came directly from his mouth but the message that was issued by him or on his behalf can be read below:
Bill Haslam

Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding regarding the Tea Party’s request to use the City/County Building. The Public Building Authority manages the building, sets all policies for its usage, and makes decisions regarding group requests. I fully support the goals of the Tea Party and believe these groups are making a difference across the country. In fact, I spoke with an East Tennessee Tea Party group this past weekend in Morristown.
Like I said I can't prove that those words came from his mouth but I called the Public Building Authority myself after we were denied access and they told me that one of the Mayor's offices would have to approve it first.

Don't let this issue be the reason that you don't vote for Bill research his policy positions, get informed, then vote.

Jonathon C. Baloga

(865) 357-3TEA

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