Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global warming debunking resource guide

Global Warming Hoax

1. Follow the money.
2. The NASA data are suspect also
3. GISS data are suspect:
4: Glaciers not dissapearing in 35 years:
5: Selective temperature records used, and bizarre record keeping methods:
6 . Interference with peer review and reportage:
7. Medieval warm period totally washed out of existence to cover it up.:
8 Sea level claims bogus:

Flaw, after flaw, after flaw. Ad nauseum.

Crookedness and deciet abound.

Carbon trading was invented by Enron Founder Ken Lay and you still don't get it.

IT'S A F*ING HOAX!!!!!!!

I apologize for the previously broken links. For some reason they don't seem to transfer very well from a Word document to Blogger format.

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