Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confusing sexuality with adornment.

I always knew I didn't like makeup on women and I just realised why. It has to do with the attempt by homosexuals to use the fashion industry to interchange men with women. They have made sexuality about the adornments and not the gender of the adorned. This is manifested in the EMO look of today. The reason that lingerie was invented is to pervert sexuality. They want to confuse you by making sexuality about adornments so they can try to confuse your sexual responses to interchange men with women. It's also the reason for the boyish (flatchested) looks of most "supermodels" these days.

Just have yourself a look at some of the size zero models and some of the gay parade participants. It gets clear as a bell when you realise what's going on. I'm not saying they are all doing this, but it's prevalent.
I'll probably have to come back and rework this post some.

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Jim D. said...

Interesting thought. I always liked the less makeup look too, but I think it's because...trying to think of a modest term, but can't...because it looks more raw...which is attractive in its own way.
As far a skinny models goes, I have long figured that they lack endowment because they're just plain anorexic!(sp?) Notice how seldom they show any kind of midriff. If you saw how much their hips and ribs stuck out, you'd barf. Sacred models of the west syndrome.
Interesting connection though, I wouldn't doubt it a bit.

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