Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Death Penalty

The recent execution of Albert Greenwood Brown for capital murder has spawned a debate on Political Forum. I have posed a question which I believe would demonstrate the need for the death penalty, as well as arguments in favor of it.

Allowing convicted murderers to remain in the general prison population will inevitably lead to escapes and more murders. Not to mention those they will kill behind bars who are in for lesser crimes. Their continued presence creates a heightened atmosphere of evil and mayhem that has led to prisons becoming internal kingdoms of destruction and fear and homosexual rape.
You are breeding evil by not enforcing the death penalty swiftly.

There's no such thing as perfect security with humans involved. Not to mention they would still be around other prisoners. The non murderer types. You're still putting their lives at risk. Not to mention the guards and people living around the prison area.

Why is it essential to you to risk everybody elses life for a convicted murderer? They are given a fair trial, they are guilty, they are a risk to everybody around them. They are a drag on society and not worth the air they breathe.

Lets just put this to a test. What is the ratio of innocents killed because a convicted murderer wasn't executed vs innocents executed by the state?

Anybody got anything on that?

How many innocent were executed by the government in the US in the last thirty years versus how many were killed by convicted murderers who got a chance to kill again?
And don't try that BS argument about the ones killed in wars.

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