Monday, March 14, 2011

Any Pretext in a Storm

Taking a cue from Rahm Emmaunel's book, the Saudi's have sent 1,000 troops into Bahrain to "help" their neighboring despots maintain power. The UAE has sent 500 policemen. I wonder if there will be some sort of escalation on the Saudi's part in order to form the new Caliphate? Only time will tell, but I'm wagering that the King and his family will be "kept safe" by the Saudi's only as long as it suits Al-Saud.

This seems to be getting very small play in the press because of their zeal in trying to take advantage of the Japanese Calamity to foster fear of Nuclear power. I wouldn't put it past some of the Coal Barons to sent a couple of guys with Laws rockets to further damage the Nucleear plants.
They don't want to lose market share to Nuclear any more than Duke Power wants to compete with TVA.
There's trillions of dollars at stake. Does anybody doubt a motivating factor?

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Dan Walker said...

What a fucking moron. Now its not the earthquake and tsumanis, it's the coal people.


Let me get this fucking straight, you see conspiracies where none can possibly exists, but you are too fucking stupid to check out a hoax?

Fairtax is not a conspiracy, because it's leaders are running away from it, they are scared shitless it will be passed.

You can tell that by two things

1) 13 years of running away from hearings under oath.

2) 13 years hiding their goofy fine print, and hoping morons like you don't look to close.

Huckabee, for example, and ZERO intention of ever trying to pass the Farce tax.

Same thing with fruit cake King.

Both would shit their pants if they had to defend the crazy absurd hidden tax on city and state government. Do you think King wants every city government in Iowa, every county government, and the state government, to pay massive taxes that these fuckers would not even make clear in their fine print?

Fuck no.

So make up idiotic conspiracies with your lunatic coal people, and try to impress your lunatic Glenn Beck butt buddies.

You fuckers are like Halle Boppers.

Ken Weaver said...

Dan you're a dumbass. They just picked up more sponsors on capitol hill and it's gaining momentum. Your lies about testifying under oath are simpleton pap. Nobody is buying your garbage Dan. You are the one running scared you little left wing schill.

Jim Robinson said...

I noticed some traffic referral coming from your site and just wanted to thank you. I hope you are a member and a foot soldier in the FReeper Army.

Thank you and keep up the great work speaking truth to those liberals!

Jim Robinson

Anonymous said...

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