Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A prediction

The new lead paint remediation laws handed down by the EPA will cause a sharp drop in existing lower income housing stocks due to the high cost of remediation vs. the return on investment. Considering the lack of a tax incentive or writeoff balance, there will be a new willingnesss to just tear them down and let the land grow over. many will simply let the property go to municipalities for taxes and throw the burden on the backs of the taxpayer.

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Seeker said...

If you want to seak the truth, I suggest you learn it first.

What a brave guy. Let's see how you handle the truth. My guess is, you will run like a coward.

Fairtax sounds great, and I was fooled at first. I loved it.

Then I did something you didn't do. I read the fine print closely. And I did something elese - I asked questions.

Most tax plans are just big shifts in taxes, and that's fine. Maybe they should be shifted.

But Fairtax is different. Fairtax is literally a farce. It's own leaders know it's a farce, and have avoided hearings under oath for 13 years. If my guess is right (and it is) they will always avoid hearings under oath.

Fairtax leaders put massive hidden taxes in their fine print -- and goofy assumptions. Real goofy.

These would be exposed in hearings under oath. The so called "research" (which is insane jibberish) would be exposed.

The very people (like you) who love Fairtax would hate it. This is not what you signed up for.

You thought this was a rational plan to tax personal consumption, right? That it was all researched, and that there was no hidden BS, no surprises, no double talk.

Funny thing is, that is ALL Fairtax is.

Oh yes, we can have a federal sales tax. Sure. The problem is we spend five times more than a rational sales tax could pay for.

We all know we need to cut spending, but only the lunatic fringe expects we cut federal spending by 80%.

Fairtax had a problem. Either come out as lunatic fringe and say cut spending by 80% -- or lie.

They decided to lie. And hide things in fine print.

You have to see the fine print -- and then ask questions -- to understand this.

They hid these massive taxes and even bigger assumptions in their fine print. Taxes they KNOW they can not collect.

Assumpmtions they KNOW can not possibly be true.

For example, the KNOW only people pay taxes. In fact, they are famous for saying that. Only people pay taxes - so it's a cruel hoax to pretend to tax corporations.

But Fairtax gets about 1/3 of it's imaginary income NOT on a tax on people -- but a hidden goofy tax on city and state government.

California state government, would have to pay 14-16 billion dollars. Which might be okay - if they didn't deliberately HIDE this.

IT's not just California, but every state. Texas -9 billion. Illinois 7 billion. Florida 10 billion.

Cities too -- LA, 900 million Dallas, 300 million.

Does Fairtax say this outloud? Hell no. Do they have a list of each state and city and county, and their estimated fairtax?

Hell no. YOu have to dig REAL deep into the fine print to find it.

In fact, a Fairtax spokesmen sent me the actual fairtax fine print. I challenged him that they hid this massive goofy tax, and he insisted, no, we didn't hide it.

Were is it, then?

He SENT it to me!

I had discussions with a number of official Fairtax spokesmen.

They THEMSELVES coughed up the fine print. THey THEMSELVES tried to explain it away.

Go see their fine print. Go see their explanations.

And if you are still stupid enough to believe anything they say, I have a bridge to no where to sell you.

Ken Weaver said...

I can tell you're lying by the fact that you have to try to put everybody down to start your crap.
You wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and kissed you on the ass.I published your assinine comment to show the world just how badly the communists want to stop it.
You want to cling to your control freak income tax system with every trick you can muster.
What a bloviating asshat.

Seeker said...

Another coward. Funny how that works.

I don't want our tax code to remain -- I hate our tax code, we need an entirely new code.

Get rid of our whole tax code -- that is why I liked Fairtax, at first.

What part of this don't you grasp?
What part do I need to walk you through like a handicapped child?

Fairtax fine print is goofy.

Did you read the fint yet? Not what I SAY about it -- what Fairtax LEADERS say about it.

Got that?

Exhibit A -- Fairtax fine print.

Exhibit B --- Fairtax leaders statements about their own fine print.

Do you see ME in there anywhere?

I show you their fine print, because frankly, you are too stupid to find it yourself.

I show you their explanations of their own fine print, because frankly you are too stupid to ask questions about it.

Did you see the fine print yet? No? What a surprise!

Did you see the the Fairtax spokesmen try to explain it yet, you poor imbecile

I suggest you change your soiled pants, and go check it out. Check out the Fine print FROM fairtax.

Check out Fairtax OWN spokesman explaining it.

Its so goofy, that even brain damaged children can see it's a farce, once they see the fine print and explanations.

But you keep your head up your asp and breath the BS deeply. You seem to like that.

Ken Weaver said...

Another bloviating asshat. Funny how that works. You make a bunch of crap up out of thin air and expect it to fly. Like I'm going to bother with a prick that comes to my blog and starts out right from the git go calling me everything but a child of God.
Seeker you really need a course in diplomacy. You certainly can't see the world with your head up your ass.

Old Liberal Hippie said...

"Like I'm going to bother with a prick that comes to my blog and starts out right from the git go calling me everything but a child of God."

Looks more to me like you started it by calling people "libtards" throughout you goofy little blog here. Typical of a teabagging ass cricket though, you cast the blame on someone else. I'll have to agree with "Seeker" and say you need to learn the truth before you can speak it to anyone.

Your pitiful little tagline says all I need to know about you. You're ignorant, plain and simple. You think Liberals hug to welfare?? You need to check statistics in your surrounding counties, look at their voting trends, and look at how many of them are on welfare. Yeah, that's right, tons of poor, stupid people who vote for republicans are on welfare.

If you were smart, or at least minimumly informed, you would also know that a Government study, performed during the Bush administration, showed that Conservatism is a mental illness. I think you're suffering from a bad case of projection, buddy. But go right ahead and cling to your bible and your imaginary magic sky fairy. It's all you got, isn't it? A fairy tale and an invisible friend to cling to. How sad and pathetic.

The next time you call someone a bloviating asshat, you better be looking in a mirror.

Ken Weaver said...

@ old liberal hippie,

You typify the mindset of the dying breed of libtard I constantly refer to in my blog.
No real solutions of your own and nothing but hate filled spew. You didn't make one real point in your whole rant. No wonder you're dying off. How's that song go?

"He's an old hippie and he don't know what to do, should he hang to the old should he grab on to the new. He's an old hippie and he don't know what to think.
Yeah,he's just an old hippie and he's trying real hard to adjust"

Old Liberal Hippie said...

Another typical nonresponse from a teabagging conservatard. Just because you missed the point, doesn't mean there isn't one. The point was your ignorance, which you proved (again) by missing the point, Mr UnBubba.

By the way, have you checked those demographics on the people on welfare and food assistance yet? Here in Meigs County, one of the poorest, and most republican leaning counties in the state, over 70% of the population is on some form of government assistance. Do you ever see the irony of a teabagger in a wheelchair, on Social Security, hollering about "keep the Gubmint out of my health care!"

I am actually very well adjusted, thank you very much! I'm 48, retired, and own my own home on 15 acres of land. I volunteer a lot of my time helping those who are less fortunate. I help feed the homeless and I raise money every year for the Toys for Tots program. Can you say the same?

Now, all snark and BS aside, I like to refurbish computers too. but I usually give them away to poor families who can't afford one, so their kids will have something to use. I also have a good source for selling some, too. If you have some you need to get rid of, let me know and maybe I can help you out with that.

See, even total opposites can find some common ground in some areas. I'm very serious my offer with the computers. I think we both speak the universal language of CASH :-) We just won't discuss politics lol...

Old Liberal Hippie

Ken Weaver said...

@ old liberal hippie
You didn't have a point. The ignorance isn't mine here and no matter what you decide to make up it will simply be ignored. I see through your lame attempt to become concilliatory after your earlier spew. You needed to do that to save face. Fuck off and fuck you.

Old Liberal Hippie said...

No, I didn't need to save face, asshole, and i doubt that you have the balls to tell me to fuck off to my face, you gutless coward.

I tried to offer you some help, but you decided to try to remain being an arrogant prick. Keep hiding behind your false bravado, dude, it's all you've got. Well, besides being a 54 year old "never was" chasing after younger women on MySpace. ROTFLMAO!

Go piss up a rope, you pathetic, whiney, girly man.

Ken Weaver said...

@old liberal hippie.
You just showed your true colors. Thanks for coming back and being just exactly what I knew you to be. See ya jackass.

Ken Weaver said...

Old Liberal Hippie said...

I extended you an olive branch, offered to help you and showed that even with opposing political views, we still had a common interest, and YOU tell ME to go fuck myself... and I'M the one who showed my true colors???? Just how the hell did you expect someone to react to that?? Talk about cognitive disonnance and blaming others for your own failures!

No, you're the one who showed your true colors, dude. You're bitter, hateful and very lacking in people skills. Prove me wrong.

You should be happy that someone is even paying attention to your little blog here... well, maybe not, since it's costing you money every time I visit your site lol. I just click through from one of your google ads.

I just might have to start making several visits per day lol..

My advice to you: the next time someone extends an olive branch to you, you might want to take it at face value. Don't act like an asshole and expect someone to fall down at your feet and beg you for anything.

Ken Weaver said...

@ Old Liberal Hippie
Back again? How pathetic. You really need attention don't you? My people skills are just fine. Your's are the problem. I'll bet money you were the guy that got pushed around by the starting quarterback in high school. Now you resent anything being done to advance the interests of people who do things for themselves instead of beging the state for help.
You started out being beligerant here. Your very first comment was nothing but hate filled spew. Then you come back and try to wiggle out of it. If you were such a concilliatory person it would have been the tactic you tried right off the bat. I won't be bothering to publish further rantings from you. It's too much of a waste of time.

And by the way, those clicks cost me a whopping 1/2 cent per. Fire away.

Ken Weaver said...

For everybody else out there reading this: Old Liberal Hippie's link through his name goes to this site:

A real concilliatory tone there. Yeah right!

Boxer owned for Racism

An inconvenient debt.