Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chinese desert patterns.

The  giant patterns in the Chinese desert are various scientific, military and mining structures. The bright blue ones are Copper sulfate solution being dried out of solution. You can see the harvesting machinery in the one on the left (link below) near the crux of the angular conjunction. Just  zoom in on Google earth. The mining operation can be plainly seen by following the major roadway leading northeast from the site to the mountainous looking terrain north of the wide bisecting street. To the right of that you will find a group of other grid patterns that are a giant windmill farm. This grid pattern is not in the Gizmodo shots. It is located surrounding 40º40' N 95º45' E. This windmill farm has one section that is six miles long by four miles wide.

The grid pattern in the last gizmodo shot is of a giant radio telescope being built there. It is in a cross pattern if you zoom out a bit. If you zoom in much closer wou will see another grid pattern that has an alignment of tower structures that are arranged in a pattern of 4x6. I believe these to be antennae frameworks.

The concentric ring pattern is of an abandoned nuclear test zone that went unused after the Chinese gave up nuclear testing.

The square block buildings are part of another bomb testing facility, obviously for conventional bombs judging from the blast pattern and crater visible in the photo.

The facility with the cooling towers is probably just what it looks like. A nuclear power plant for the desert operations. They probably need it for times without much wind.


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