Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lakeshore and The Chronic Homeless Plan

I just sent this email to Hallerin Hilton Hill at WOKI. He seems to think people in South Knoxville are needlessly paranoid about our treatment by the city fathers.

Guess what the new facility for the "Chronically Homeless" in South Knoxville is really for Hallerin? It just so happens that Lakeshore will be shut down soon. I get this information mere hours before it will be announced to you in the press. Guess where those people will wind up? And now the Ten Year Plan is dead in the water with only one Facility built. Guess where that is Hallerin? Still think people in South Knoxville are paranoid Hallerin?

This has been a damned setup the whole time. And you're probably still going to put the blinders on for it.
I hope they pay you well. Do you sleep well Hallerin?

The Email address given by WOKI for his show kicks the emails back as undeliverable.

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