Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birther Finale

If you are one of the people who said he couldn't get a copy of this form because Hawaii only releases the COLB. YOU WERE WRONG.

This was a way of getting juice "gravitas" for their plant candidate for the republican nomination, Donald Trump.
Otherwise why wait until now.

Like I said before, this issue is being led by a foreign born attorney(Orly Taitz) , a former Wraaassler trying to sell a book to his mindless fans(Jessie Ventura), a nutbag conspiracy theorist(Alex Jones), and a reality show TV host (Donald Trump) who contributed to as many lib dem candidates as a socialist party leader.

Who wouldn't suspect a conspiracy from those people?

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Hyaena said...

As a Libertarian, I see some interesting thoughts in your posts.

However your weakness is that you view the left as a cheap caricature, described using extreme ideals, and verified by anything that remotely supports your definition of that caricature.

All political stripes in our country have good ideas, and bad ideas. No single ideology will solve our very difficult problems. That is why the representative form of the Republic is supposed to succeed where others have failed.

Now, over the last 40 years, and 12 years especially, we see ideology trumping ideas. This is why we area falling down.

Ken Weaver said...

We see this problem because certain statists want to control our lives. They have been at this attempt to take our republic from us since they started to elect senators instead of having the states appoint them. Don't give me that argument against returning to the way it was because it was corrupt. What do you think it will do? Make it worse than it is now? How's that working for you? More government is always a bad idea. Period.

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